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Nice snatch.

Shoulder press
3 x 3

1000m row
50 thrusters 45/33
30 pull ups (chin over bar every time)

Post time to comments.

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  1. HAGS which one are we doing?
    Jackie or OPT?

  2. damn the thrusters…..just can’t get away from them….my shoulders are pretty tight ….jackie does sound like a great way to end the week…..running sounds like sh*t..just see what hits US tomorrow at lunchtime…..i am open…great work this week…..Almost don’t feel guilty for having that peanut butter cup earlier…:)

  3. sounds like a plan see you at lunch.

  4. Thanks HAGS!! That was not fun for about 4 rounds and then the last two were alright. You smoked it and were very consistent.
    Looking forward to getting in one more at home
    JPo: I hate running. How’s it going for you?