Harder than it looks.

FRIDAY 110715

Front Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

Pat Barber: 335-275-345-225-355(fail)-200lbs(fail).
Laurie Galassi: 175-145-185-135-180-115lbs.
Post loads to comments.


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  1. Who is the best photo taker-person? This guy.

  2. Yay! Jacklyn….1st Pull Up! wooohoooo

  3. alt wod is posted

  4. Great FS Stringer. Nice PR!

  5. Stringer says

    thanks and appreciate the hipflexor stretch idea with the band!

  6. just ran in the rain…felt great…get in here and WOD!

  7. bsawkins says

    Good workout at lunch. Back squatted, then shoulder pressed for the first time in ages incorporating parallette push-ups x3 in between, then did 7rnds of 10 wall balls (20lb), 10 pull-ups. 5.15. Nice short metcon after over an hour of warm-up and lifting.
    Nice to see Sammy and Spider back in today and good job to Murph and Jenny at lunch who bashed the ALT WOD.
    In tomorrow and then out for the next two weeks. Not sure how much CF i’ll get in, in that time, but a rest won’t hurt either.
    Stringer those front squat numbers are insane, well done!

  8. Thanks Ben….SOOO glad to be back!
    The girls did crush the Alt WOD at lunch….they had a pretty good rabbit in Spider!
    Great job lunchers all around.

  9. This was a fun WOD! Being outside in the cooler weather, and talking a ton of smack was great.

  10. Sounds like a great day, hate I missed it and Spider and Sammy. Hope to see everyone on Monday.
    Thanks Pebbs for the shoutout!!!

  11. “a ton” is an understatement

  12. funny