Roswell High School Girls LAX

FRIDAY 110902

15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
135 pound Power clean
Bar-facing burpee

Jesse Bazarnick 4:42, Austin Malleolo 4:43, Matt Chan 4:57, Candice Ruiz 5:21 (95lbs), Chad Wittman 5:47. 
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  1. ShawnWrayLakePowellCliffJump_th.jpg
    Enlarge image
    “I’ve been an active CrossFitter for the last two years and can’t begin to tell you what a huge part of my life it is. I’m a cop in San Diego and had a traumatic experience where I had to carry a dying partner out of a canyon. CrossFit helped me greatly that evening. This photo was taken recently of me and my son cliff jumping at Lake Powell, AZ.”
    – Shawn Wray
    From: Don Patrick
    Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2011 10:43 PM
    To: ‘Christa KeckEnglish’
    Cc: Kimberly Trego; ‘Eve Patrick’; ‘Kim Deprospero’; ‘Hank Cleare’; Adrienne Medlin; ‘Eve Patrick’; ‘Brad and Kim Trego’
    Subject: RE: Raphiella Adamson
    I saw the photo and quote the other day. Obviously, I did not know the connection. The quotes gave me chills. It is even greater now that I know you and your relationship to Shawn!
    PLEASE send my and our gratitude to his service!!! As an Air Force guy (“Get to the officer club after the air conditioned combat mission in the cockpit), I GET it!! Not really. He is in a rare world that I truly know he LOVES, but thank God we have folks like him who do and dedicate their lives.
    It is funny…NOT how the craziness of the last few months have been so emotional and challenging for so many of our folks and the many others that you deal with in transition. BUT, how in-consequential in the scheme of life that these issues truly are!!!.
    Tell Shawn to “Kick bu_ _ ! If ONLY the WHOLE world could emulate his character! He’s my kind of guy!
    When he retires, we have a GREAT home for him. I can tell that he would be great without ever meeting him! Further, I know he would LOVE it! He LOVE’s helping, He is dedicated, disciplined, etc., etc.
    Sorry, getting carried away, but I get the personality.
    I copied a few of our Cross Fitting friends. OK?
    Thank you for all you continued hard and intense work Christa!

  2. Meatball I think you need to eat a large pizza this weekend and drink a lot of alcohol. just sayin.

  3. Yes. please order one for DJ too. I’m sending over large amount of his favorite beer.

  4. Thats my energy food! I might just have to eat Arby’s right before….so you better watch out!

  5. Wod #6 is up. Only the consolation bracket will be competing and must be completed on Tuesday. Wod #7 will be announced Tuesday evening and ALL remaining teams will have Wednesday to complete. The challenge has been fun and looking forward to some close matches to finish it up!