Front Squat


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  1. Well done Ben and Brit!

  2. Ditto.

  3. Thank you to Pistol, Breeze, Pebbles and all of the 8.30am class for the support this morning!
    I have to say that I am still buzzing after this morning’s workout. I was delighted when the competition started and I saw the draw and that Brit was my Partner. I knew she was strong and tough, but I don’t have enough superlatives for what she has done for our team throughout this competition and especially what she has achieved this week. It’s not a stretch to say that she has carried us this week with her effort and times. Three days in a row she has encountered a movement that she is less than familiar with and has not only had to lift close to body weight or PR each time, but has also done 30+ reps each workout. That’s incredible and akin to me having to OHS 200lbs 30 reps of jerk 225 for 30 reps…needless to say I would have given up by now, but she has crushed it!
    This morning was awe-inspiring and truly one of the best Crossfit efforts I have seen. To not release the bar throughout the workout was unbelievable. I am proud to be Brit’s Partner and am ever so proud of what we’ve achieved. Thanks Brit!
    Best of luck to JT and Peggy!