5 Rounds:

35 Double Unders

Building Run

Post loads/time to comments.

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  1. Good work JT

  2. Jenny Schroeder says

    Awesome picture!! Great job JT!!!

  3. To try and set the scene for that lift, JT was left little time by me because I was having to try and take extra time to recover from my previous lift. He had about 30 seconds as we were adding the weights on to make it 335lbs. He stepped back with it squatted and drove back out of it with us all cheering him on, perhaps the best moment of the entire final event? Good job JT!
    Lost my DU’s in rnds 4 & 5 today and ended in 6.04Rx, I was on for a sub 5 time until rnd 4. Ah well!

  4. Lots of double under practice today! Loved seeing all the RXs! Way to go people!

  5. Thanks Ben. Tons of fun working out with you. We need todo it more often