Here's proof to the congregation that Doc really does squat!

3 Rounds:

40 OHS 95/65

50 Pull Ups

60 Box Jumps

70 Double Unders

400m run

This is a 2 person team wod.  Only one person may go at a time with the exception of the box jumps.  Both teammates must return from the run before the second and third round can start.  

Post time to comments.

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  1. pebbles….
    kimi and meatball are going to be partners tomorrow morning at 8:30am….want to be my partner or you are probably teaching..??

  2. I would love to but I am teaching.

  3. Stringer says

    anybody want to do this WOD with me today?

  4. Good work this am Nicole!
    I would love to do this WOD with G-dog. Maybe we can work it out to do so.

  5. I’ve done this wod with G-dog…you’ll end up doing most the work Pebbles.

  6. scruffy,….I am waiting for you..see u at lunch.

  7. this is hagler signed in on pebbles computer

  8. bsawkins says

    Stringer, you are on. I’ll be there at 12.30.

  9. Stringer says

    Sweet…see you then.

  10. Scruff is here, looking sad because his workout partner isn’t.

  11. That sucked!

  12. fell asleep scruffy…..sorry I missed you but I am sure you gave spider a run for his money…maybe I will see you sat…

  13. Crazy lunch crowd. Lots of people in there. Way to go everyone and way to work through the crowd!!!
    Great to have some of the college crowd home for the summer in the house!
    Stringer and Sawkins are the time to beat.

  14. Well, they got beat. Bostic and JT 26 and change.
    Nice work to everyone who did this tough WOD.

  15. says

    Props to GND my partner in this WOD…Thanks Katie. Enjoyed it..well not really, but it was still a good work out.