Friday! – Open WOD Judging at 1:30PM

Press 3 x 3



30 Push Press 45/33

30 Cal Row

30 Jumping Pull Ups

30 Wall Ball Sit Ups 20/14

30 KB Swings 53/35

30 Lateral Jumps (over parallette)

30 Burpees

30 Reverse Hypers

30 Lunges

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  1. Nice crowd at 6a.
    Way to RX that biiiaaatch EVERYONE. And Xena and Jenny thought they couldn’t lateral hop……..Whatever!

  2. PS. I know a couple friends who would LOVE the recipe to the left today :

  3. PSS. Thank you Brandon for the tomato plants. There are more at the front door if anyone would like some.

  4. Who is this Chisty person?

  5. That pic looks a lot like Pebbles..hhmmm

  6. haha. It’s the double life I lead. I am a Gemini after all.
    Nice crowd at 8:30. Nick N. smoked this WOD at 12 and change RX.But great job to everyone.
    See ya tonight.

  7. I helped myself to a few and will plant them today with my boys to celebrate Earth Day. Thanks Brandon & Christy (for the info)!

  8. Thanks Christy. I enjoyed that workout. Regretting not coming in at 11 though… Always seems you can push harder AFTER the WOD!

  9. Jenny Schroeder says

    Not sure what you are wearing Stringer but I like it!!!

  10. Hags, I’m out today. Will find a travel wod to do. See you Monday.

  11. Dr. Seuss shorts..

  12. I missed you….:)

  13. Good workout today Pebbles, thanks for that one.
    I snatched and shoulder pressed first and then did the WOD 9.29rx. Started off the way I wanted to in terms of which exercise I did first and second at which point I was blowing, so knocked off some of the easier ones, which left me with a pretty rough finish of Push Press/Row/KB Swings. If I’d planned a little better I think a time in the 8’s was possible.