400 m run

50 double unders

400 m run

40 double unders

400 m run

30 double unders

400 m run

20 double unders

Post time to comments.


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  1. This picture needs to be submitted HQ’s website! Possibly the Affiliate page.

  2. Stringer says

    taking today off after a good week…muddy buddy tomorrow, then a little Saturday night fever??

  3. I think so too Ed! 🙂 Wait ’til they see his burpees!!!!

  4. GND has the time to beat. 13 and change RX. Good 6am crowd.

  5. Fantastic Photo!!!

  6. says

    is there an Alt Wod? …perhaps make up yeserday’s WOD?

  7. Best pic ever! GND smoked the Donald and I on the runs.
    As usual, a rockin’ 6am class – with a running commentary
    by the Preacher . . . all of which I cannot even repeat!!!!

  8. come in now and do yesterdays wod.

  9. Hi CFNF folks! Just wanted to say thanks for letting me drop in on Monday. It was great working out with you, it seems like a fun group! Hopefully I’ll see you around.

  10. thanks to pebbles et al for a great morning workout. the morning crew is so much fun! i liked this workout a lot too – i thoroughly expect someone to come along and smash my time though. see you all tomorrow!!

  11. Running and double unders are my two weakest …… This WOD took me 23 and some change RX….Katie (GND)…great one is beating you…:)

  12. Hagler… Maybe you should just take 2 weeks off an quit!

  13. I will kick your big butt G DOG….watch your back tomorrow night!!!

  14. Bostic told him the same thing!

  15. “Gdog is bigger than God and no one is bigger than God!”. Chloe Firzhenry

  16. We all saw why Gdogs shoulder press is so low today. He has to lean back so far to get the bar passed his noise.