Free Open House Today at 10:00am


HQ Rest Day.  Come see what DSC_0038 puts on the board!  Devil Dogs finished the week with an exciting win!  I suspect Xtreme will be demanding a rematch!

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  1. My ass is becoming more and more popular on this blog!
    Tabata party at the gym today!

  2. Nadler, wild thing, crazy bitch says

    As I sit here on a Sunday afternoon and stuff my face, I am thinking we should cancel this freakin’ bodyfat challenge that I started!!!! Any takers!!
    P.S. Anyone want Mexican tonight. We could drink and eat until are hearts content!

  3. Not Kidding! I’m out!

  4. Nadler, Wild Thing, Crazy Bitch says

    Not Kidding! My fat a** is out!

  5. Gigi..beach bum says

    C’mon Nadler…stuff your face with all the nachos, cheese dip and sh*t and drink as many margs as needed to yak the crap back up!!!
    No one can say quit until I do…elder’s rule. 🙂