For time:
Run 800 meters
40 L pull-ups
Run 800 meters
40 Strict pull-ups
Run 800 meters
40 Kipping pull-ups

Post time to comments. An ALD WOD will be posted in the gym.

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  1. Awwww. That’s my favorite shirt! And PEACHES, your so good at pull ups.
    GND, Sniper, Stacy, Hicky and I started CrossFit Strength Bias this week and it’s going well so far.
    Have a great day everyone.
    PS. The Butchs minus G-dog, are heading to Irmo this Friday so no POOOL this week-end. But there is always next week-end.

  2. What is an “Irmo”?

  3. Hahaha! Irmo, SC. 10 Miles from Columbia = Pebbles HOMETOWN. It’s the town that never sleeps 😉

  4. We’ll just go to the pool with G-dog…he’s sexy in his bikini

  5. Can anyone tell me what the alt wod is for today? My hands are still pretty torn up from Erin on Monday. Doing things with my hands are quite difficult. This includes brushing my teeth, writing, and pullups.

  6. Ya’ll are spending way to much time together. Are you two going all “brokeback” on me and Kim?

  7. Ben, there is an ALT WOD with no pull ups. I can’t remember all of it but it includes running goblets sq. and burpees.

  8. Maybe he’ll wear the shark towl

  9. WHOA.. Pebbles you’re hardcore! Nice recco on the Epsom salts. Hurts like hell but heals em up pretty quick.

  10. Or Ben could do what Brad told me to do when I asked about an ALT WOD this morning because of my torn up hands from Erin on Monday: “SUCK IT UP!!!!”

  11. Yea. Guess I left out the BURNS LIKE SH!# part.

  12. I’ll be out tonight, I’m going to the running clinic at CFATL.
    On another note… are there any families (or really hungry singles) that would be interested in going in with us on buying a whole, or half-cow? These are grass-fed locally grown steers –really good lean beef. The farm I’ve been talking to will be processing in late summer.

  13. yes to the cow.

  14. I’m with Ben – no pull ups for me today! Although the alt WOD sounds pretty sucky, too.

  15. Dude. No one was supposed to know about the bikini contest we entered in Hoopeston.
    Shandy wore the one with the elephant trunk.

  16. Alt WOD for:
    Pistol 48 105lb clean and jerk
    Andy 74 95lb c&j
    Breeze 45 155lb c&j
    Women have to total 5,000lbs, men 7,000. Y’all are welcome to try it tonite!

  17. Dam skippy. All over that.

  18. Luuuuuuv that shirt! haha SCHMOKIN’!

  19. So…Pebbles, you’re gonna get a cow?

  20. Anyone want to go out drankin tonight?

  21. I’m in for that Anna. We was supposed to let me know where and when but I’ve heard nada.

  22. I am in, let me know how much

  23. Well I’m meeting my cousin at Durty Kelly’s in about 20 min — so pass it on. We’re going to try to sit on the patio.

  24. I’ll be there around 7:30
    Sent from my iPhone

  25. I would love to meet you guys, but I just got home from CFATL and don’t even know if you guys are still there.
    Miguel, I might be interested.

  26. just half of one

  27. I definitely want a big hunk of cow for my charcoal grill. Let me know when and how much. Lots o’ ribeyes and strips and abnything in between.