_DSC0020 Finally a face to go with No Name Dan 

Power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

ATTN:  This Saturday our own Maryellen Cantu is entering into her first MMA fight at the Georgia Mountains Center at 7:00pm.  Brad and I will be going, let us know if you would like to meet and ride with us.  For more info check www.georgiamountianscenter.com

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  1. sbetor@cox.net says

    LOOKIN’GOOD DAN’L!!!!!!!!

  2. Gooo Maryellen!!!!!
    low energy today…blah, blah,blah 125lb. really thought I would be up in the 130’s at least. First time doing that WOD and at least I have a benchmark now.
    I am getting my energy in high gear and ready to kick some ass next week as a memeber of Miguel’s team. Especially since Beeerad is on the other team. Nothing against Martine BUT…your going down!

  3. are we doing another team challenge?

  4. I’ve already been working on helping our team out. For example last night I gave the kids some starbucks before bed, so Martine would to stay up all night with them.
    I do this stuff all the time anyway, but I’m trying to say if your spouse is on the opposing team nothing is off limits.
    It’d probably be a good idea for Martine to have her water tested too… I’m just sayin.

  5. Looks like the intern isn’t doing her job, so I’m posting the updated links for the fight if anyone wants to go.
    Here’s the link on where to get tickets: http://purchase.tickets.com/buy/TicketPurchase?organ_val=22609&schedule=list
    Here’s the main link for the venue: http://www.gainesville.org/citydepartments.georgiamountainscenter.about.asp

  6. You hear that, Martine? That means laundry with itching powder instead of soap is definitely an option! Especially if gym shorts are involved!

  7. I like your style Miguel. I am proud to be
    On your team….. Although we don’t need to
    play tricks, we just need to be our badass

  8. miguel and pebbles, i hear i’m on your team. sweeeeet.

  9. Great! I see you picked the best picture of the bunch to post today….thanks!!! I will be there again this evening for another a*# kicking! See you then!! PEACE!

  10. Martiiiiiiiiine, (said as if I were a Brazilian Sportscaster announcing a goal for a soccer match), I’m so happy to be on your team. I’m also very happy that my former opposing team captain, G-Dog, is on our team as well. I know I speak for him when I say we will work together to bring you, our team captain, a victory! Can’t wait!!
    Great job this morning 6am crew. Whit, you amaze me every time I work out with you with your strength and fierce determination. Oh, and don’t forget to win big in Vegas for me and Robin!
    And Robin, super job on the alt WOD. Senior . . . ., no make that Mature . . . ., no that doesn’t sound right either, how bout Grown Up Girl Crossfitters Rule!!!!

  11. that rocks!!!!
    we will all get T’s that say “Consider your butt already kicked”
    or CYBAK. Team CYBAK????

  12. HEY! Does anyone have my book titled “Olympic Weightlifiting”??? I had it at the gym with the other books near where the stereo is and I thought someone borrowed it. I can’t remember who but if you have it will you bring it back in please.

  13. Martine! I am so glad that Gdog is on your team he can teach you all how to LOSE!!!! just saying not to mention good luck with the one legged pistol!

  14. That’s a low blow, J-Po. And really does anyone wanna mess with pistol, one-legged or not?

  15. Just smack talk Xena she can still kick my you know what one legged!hahaha

  16. Ouch! That stings, Jpo! I’m gonna send Miguel a computer virus so he has to stay up all night fixing it! Also, gonna take it easy on the leg this week so I can whip up on you bitches next week!
    Pebbles, you’re a beast! A buck 25 clean! and Meatball got 115! Nice! Hagler got 95, I think she’s coming back for you on that one wod, Pebs!

  17. I think somebody ate it cuz they thought it was Paleo safe

  18. I had a fun workout with Pistol, Jpo, and Meatball..Power cleans are fun when you finally get the hang of it…what was I dreading??? I didn’t lift more than 95 pounds but my technique got better…and I am happy with 95..(A PR for me)… Shout out to Jpo(83) and Stacy(115).. Pebbles, as always , you amaze me but I am coming for you…Scruffy, where did you come from?? You have become SUCH a contender..I’ll kill you..Last, Pistol…thanks for calling me and staying on my arse..You’re the best!!

  19. CFNF got some new toys today!

  20. Even though Jpo dissed me on the blog today that’s no reason to forget to mention her accomplishment with cleans today! Nice job!

  21. Pistol We can hug it out when I see you tonight! Someone has to keep you in line everyone else is scared of you!

  22. Hahaha, I love it, “hug it out”, hahahahaha

  23. Austin McLean says

    what did yall get?
    new update…
    OCS is boring lol
    We branch (get our jobs) on friday so I will let you know what I end up with. Probably something boring like quartermaster. We got a pretty crappy branch allocation so I get what I get, but its only for 3 years πŸ™‚
    After that its 3 strait weeks in the field with weekends off to refit (shower and clean our clothing/weapons) and then back into the field. after that (2 weeks, one of which we are aloud to live off post and just show up when needed and when we have our socials and formal…yes ed, in the Army we have socials and go to formals) I am pretty much home free, just have one more history test and a bunch of admin stuff. will keep everyone updated. got 2 tests this week that should prove to be pretty tough but nothing i couldn’t handle (at least I hope so!).
    Hope everyone is well!

  24. oh yeah, want to see footage of that!

  25. Nice meeting lil’ No Name Dan today, Great job! Martine, my capt, nice PR!!!!!

  26. I really liked the pwr clean today. Fun stuff…
    Ok. So really…does Miguel’s team really think they have any chances (even with Miguel’s lame attempts at sabotage)? My team is gonna tear it up next week, I can already tell. I know ya’ll want to see Miguel in an apron serving me up a samich, which I deem is part of reward WHEN my team kicks his team’s ass. Plus, on the %0.0001 chance his team wins, I will NEVER hear the end of it. NEVER. Don’t make me have to live with that.
    And seriously, ya’ll better show up next week, don’t make me have come after you and be layin’ down some pimp hand.
    Everyone on my team take it easy until Saturday, no crazy stuff.
    Everyone on Miguel’s team…feel free to bust ass this week, wear yourselves out. You know ya’ll suck anyway.

  27. P.S. Nothin’ personal, just sayin’…

  28. Enjoyed the Pwr Cleans this evening. Thanks for the help Brad. I need to work on those elbows!!! “Lil No Name Dan” really enjoyed the kids class! He is ready for more! Between him and his Mother, I don’t stand a chance!!! See you tomorrow!

  29. Who knew I could actually do power cleans? Thanks Jpo for being my coach today – couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks,Brad and Sniper! You guys were big helps to me today.

  30. Well done Ramilah! Michael was the big man today at 225 and Sniper cleaned 135!
    Martine….it is an honor to be one of your little pimps. Your husband was talking trash tonite, if he does it again I am going to break both of his arms… not that he will be much help to his team anyhow….he will be the one making samiches!

  31. Sniper, I got 120 πŸ™‚

  32. Wow, I didn’t think brad could hear my smack talk though his Wendy’s induced haze.

  33. Great job on PWR CLEANS today. Meatball… Told ya you could do it. Great Job Rami, and I will let ya know tomorrow if I need that helmet.

  34. Ramilah…You did great today! And you thought you were going to stop at 83 pounds!