_DSC0011Even Hicky needs a helping hand sometimes!

HQ Rest Day.  ALT Wod:  CrossFit Hold'em

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  1. So I know there are a few of you who are looking for a good team…So I would like to invite the following people to join the am crew!!
    Stanley..we miss you
    Garrett why would you want to workout with Brad when you can workout against him…think about is so much more fun
    Justin just sayin your office is around the corner plus we are a better looking crew than noon and pm
    Miguel it would be great quality time for you and the wife!!
    Stacey well figured you have been a part of the noon and pm team so why not try am now!

  2. Jpo – feeling like chopped liver here….

  3. You shouldn’t, Nooners rule!

  4. Had a great time today!

  5. Everyone knows you’re a “nooner!” And anybody that tries to recruit you will have to go through the “GREAT WALL OF G-DOG!”

  6. Breeze…..Proud to be a mid day team member. Don’t much appreciate JPo trying to pull me to the AM class.
    Up yours to the other two teams!… Except you Pebbles.
    Headed to Elmira NY to Grandma’s 90th birthday party. ,Elmira is part of the armpit of the US.

  7. oh no! that’s becasue you are on the “nooner” team….I’m sorry.

  8. Gdog if you say up your to our team YOU ARE saying that to your wife not very nice. just saying..but on a side note with you and breeze both on the “nooner” team i can at least say we have the better looking team!

  9. One more rest day…then bring it on.
    Nooners is a stupid name.

  10. yeah …we are the lunch bunch…