Five rounds for time of:
40 pound Dumbbells split clean, 15 reps
21 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Dumbbell split clean – video [wmv] [mov]

Video courtesy of CrossFit.com

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  1. Hey 6am was a lot of fun What a crew. At 7 we played “Brick House” for Xena….cause she is! Way to get back on the band Nitro. Hicky I hope you have skin back on your hands tomorrow.
    See you guys later.
    PS. There are over a hundred pull ups in the WOD so remember your tape grips!!!

  2. Thanks for the musical inspiration Pebbles, I honestly think it helped get me thru that last round. I think everyone else did great, too, but I was so focused on my ripping hands, I forgot that Nitro, Sheri and Hicky were even there. My arms hurt so bad now that it even hurts to pick up the phone and hold it to my ear. Damn you, Erin!!!!

  3. sport those rips with pride!

  4. Good job Steph working through the pain today!

  5. Great job on the qualifier workouts Kim!

  6. Ya’ll remember when a workout with 105 PU’s inspired fear?!?
    No longer….Steph, great job turning your hands into hamburger! Scruff, way to power through. Spidey, blame it on the Al.ah.ah.Al.ah.ah.Al.co.hol!
    19:23 r to the x.

  7. blaming it on wine flu

  8. Thanks, everyone! I like the 12:30 group… and of course the ability to go to the 12:30 group now that school is out. Purchasing stock in Johnson and Johnson… check!

  9. I think I left some of my skin in the gym today. I have a lot left so I don’t need it back. Something about humidity, and pull-ups that cause rips.