21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips

Post time to comments.

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  1. Tyler has the BEST squat cleans. Nice speed. If you get a chance…….watch him do a few.

  2. So half way through the workout I decided this is not one of my favorite’s…Great job 6a crew!!!! Happy Monday….

  3. So, I really like squat cleans. I hate this WOD but I was glad to do it today. I used RX weight and red banded dips.
    The clean from the floor to the squat felt GREAT and easy but coming up out of the squat was getting slow for me. I was able to touch and go at the start for quite a few reps then by round 2 I was doing 2 or 3 or even 1 at a a time. Still happy with my form and happy that my shoulder allowed me to do these today.
    16 something was time.
    It’s so weird, I can squat clean 95lbs 46 times but can’t pick up my handbag from across the table BUT it is much better.
    Nice big 8:30am class. Good job to anyone who does this today.
    I HEART Squat Cleans!
    I am looking forward to the next heavy squat clean day.

  4. I think I was 13:04 RX. I could shave some time whenever I start doing dips, pullups, and pushups well.

  5. Oh, and double unders.

  6. …and row, and cleans, and snatch, and squat, and deadlift, and kb swing, and thruster…you get the drift?

  7. That’s a good time Campbell!! Nice.
    Met your sis this week-end.

  8. I did Fran today…My time was 10:36 rx…really wanted to beat Andy but I have been out for a while and I took a few rest breaks on the thrusters…..but was happy with my pullups…..wasn’t quite ready to do ring dips yet…..Andy, you are a beast….I am working out tomorrow at 11:30…miss my NOONERS!!!!! P.S…..I am going to watch JETS/DOLPHINS game tonight at TONY’S on holcombe bridge road…should be there by halftime or shortly after….everyone is invited to watch the JETS kick that ARSE!!!!!….Felt so great to work out today….glad to be back….I miss you Jpo….One more thing…I turn the big 40 next wednesday the 21st…definitely wanting to get together and have LOTS of drinks…anyone want to celebrate with me??????

  9. I want to celebrate with you hagler!!!!!

  10. me too!!!

  11. me three

  12. Me 4!

  13. I “heart” Elizabeth! Struggled with her today, tho. Not living clean doesn’t help 🙁 11:10Rx for me today. Katie got a big PR with 15:09RX! Nice job!

  14. Me 5!!!

  15. Jerk!

  16. Good job Katie!!!!