Five rounds for time of:
155 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
155 pound Hang power clean, 9 reps
155 pound Push jerk, 6 reps

Post time to comments.

ATTN:  The next Challenge is August 1st at the Cobb Galleria.  Please click on the unreadable link on the left for more info!

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  1. Hicky is like the little engine that could. Did the WOD Rx (105lbs). A “bit “of a a struggle but she did it! Way to work hard.
    What time are some of you biaatches working out today? Pistol? Meat ball? Hagler?
    Let me know!

  2. Watching the sun rise is a long process. I purposely dragged this workout out so I could watch it get light outside…. A “bit” of a struggle is a “bit” of an understatement! Pebbles, thanks for sticking around and coaching me! You’ll crush this wod!
    What time slot is every signing up for for the challenge?

  3. Sean CFNFT says

    Holy Crap, this WOD was tough! Good work, Hicky!
    I wish I could come up for the challenge next weekend, but I have to move that day. I’ll be looking for some pictures! Good luck guys!

  4. Your welcome Hicky. Anytime.
    I looked at my last time. I am up again 10:32RX. BUT I think we used a little less weight. Maybe 95 or 100 lbs. I was surprised at my last time. We will se how it goes today.
    Will have to do it this evening Pistol. Garrett has a 10:30 meeting in Dunwoody today.

  5. Hey, I did take the Paleo pizza crust and I added a few more egg whites for protein and put fruit on top (peaches and blueberries) and baked it for breakfast yesterday. it was really good. I doubled the recipe for the crust and used walnuts this time instead of almonds. We drizzled a little honey on top.
    Tonight I am doing a recipe from performance menu. beef tenderloin with mushrooms and onions.
    See you guys tonight. Martine and I are going to wear our kids out at PLAY in Roswell.

  6. Whew that was a hard one! Great job today people. Hagler had a PR with 83lbs. Last time she couldn’t get that weight on her shoulders and she did the whole WOD with it today. I was surprised at how much heavier 105lbs feels over 95lbs….16:55 for me. Last time 11:42 with 95 or 100, can’t remember. Pebbles and Sniper are going to kill this wod!

  7. Fun class at 12:30….the WOD was difficult…. my technique needs to be better on the hang power cleans before I could add heavy weight. My weight was 83..tried to stay consistent in my pace. The hang power cleans slowed me up and are the most difficult for me..My time was 18 and some change. A huge difference in my last time(40 and some change) and a seven pound weight increase from last time..I really feel that the company I was in really helped me improve this workout for me…Thanks Scruffy, Miguel, Campbell, David and Kimi…Great job everyone!!!

  8. Sean CFNFT says

    Took me 18:21 today, but with 135lbs. I figured I’d scale since my max HPC was 170 last week. I might still be in the gym if I went for 155. Haha

  9. Nice Hagler. That’s a huge improvement. Sounds like there was a great
    noon crowd.
    The 105 will be heavy!

  10. Campbell says

    That was a touch workout. Good job everyone.

  11. heeeeyyyy now! I didn’t touch anybody!

  12. And I sure the hell didn’t touch Campbell!

  13. It WAS tough. 15 something RX. Did most of the cleans form the floor. took a lot of energy. Must have used 95 last time ’cause i added 5 minutes to my time. Anyway…great job to everyone who did that WOD.
    See ya tomorrow.
    Is Tom still there jumping rope or something?

  14. AND. G-dog rocked it out at 16 something RX. Nice!!!!

  15. Great job to Juice-Box and Pebbles and everyone else who did this WOD! I did this scaled and my lats are sore. I’m sure the fact they are sore has nothing to do with my ”non-shrugging” cleans, haha.
    Kim, thanks for the help.

  16. my pleasure! You rocked that S#$%!

  17. Tks, but compared to you – I suck big-time! Some day, I might be like you.