DSC_0027  "Down came the rain, and washed the spider out"

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

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  1. Stella #15………….miss y’all!

  2. There will be an alt. WOD posted as well. See you at 8, 9 or 10.
    Remember NO YOGA today.

  3. did Hicky get a muscle up today?

  4. Nadler, Wild Thing, Crazy Bitch says

    Looked like a muscle up to me!

  5. I gotta see it to believe it 🙂
    I tried to do Grace and 30 muscle ups in less than 10 minutes today. Broke em up into 5 rounds of 6 each. finished the 4th round right at 10 minutes.
    It is amazing how much my diet affects my performance. I felt like shit today. From the second I started I knew I was only at like 70%. I know I can do it after my body gets rid of all the toxins I put in it. I consumed more sugar these past few days than I have in probably the past few months. I blame my family. 🙂
    Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with everyone next week.
    GO GATORS beat them NOLES

  6. Breeze, are you seriously gonna let Austin get away with that comment? I know I speak for Brad when I say Fear the Spear!

  7. Austin, breeze said you’re fired! Choke in Doke.

  8. I was there to witness the muscle up…. it was like a flying frog – but she def locked the arms out!

  9. Good job to everyone who made it out today. It was a cold chili grey morning but it did not stop anyone from doing burpee box jumps! Nice to se you Whit, DD, Hickey, Kirtley, Jason,Don,Nadler,Little Nadler,Michael and Simone.
    I enjoyed working with you guys.
    Michael has the perfect dead lift. Nice. So does Whit.
    Hickey did get a muscle up. It was followed by a scream and I totally agree with the frog comment. Maybe worm like in form as well….but she did it. Way to go Hickster.
    See ya soon. I hope we have some good Oly lifting this week.

  10. Pebbles, thanks for teaching today’s classes.
    It was nice to be back at the gym after missing out all of last week due to work.

  11. Yeah…thats what you call a good ole fashioned ass whoopin