AugustChallengeDouble-under for 2 minutes

Sit-up for 2 minutes
Double-under for 90 seconds
Sit-up for 90 seconds
Double-under for 1-minute
Sit-up for 1-minute
Double-under for 30 seconds
Sit-up for 30 seconds

Post numbers of sit-ups and double-unders to comments.

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  1. This sounds like a really cool workout! Wish I was there to do it!!

  2. when are you coming back? how is pm supposed to “have it in the bag” if you’re not around??
    disclaimer: i never claimed, nor do i claim it now, that “pm has it in the bag.” in the words of sammy, “it’s on.”

  3. There is 2 CrossFits in Tally!

  4. Sean CFNFT says

    Did anyone do “Ryan” from yesterday? I made that one up this morning, and kinda feel like I shouldn’t have. It’s brutal!

  5. Yeah. I did Ryan RX yesterday. 35 MU’s and 105 burpees..about 19:30 time. It was a beast, but it was actually pretty fun.
    Do We have an ALT WOD of any kind today..doesn’t make a ton of sense to drive over there to jump rope for 3 1/2 minutes.

  6. The workout is 10mins πŸ™‚

  7. kinda re-states the point right?

  8. Actually it was a good workout this way you can see how well you would do at Annie and I think it helps people work on DU. But to each his own!
    GO AM CREW!!!!

  9. So are all workouts under 10 minutes pointless? Doesn’t Fran take some people like 2 minutes?! And the double unders really tire you out too
    I really enjoyed this workout. I tried to break my double under record but tripped up at 95…could have kept going though so I’ll have to try it again.

  10. Maybe if you actually did double unders instead of regular jump roping it would make sense to you. Why don’t you come in and trying to beat Hicky’s score of 523Rx?

  11. It was a fun WOD. right up my alley HOWEVER I am NOT happy with my score. I did not jump at all for part of round 3 and all of round 4 due to my darn heal!
    I did get 61 DU’s in a row which is a new PR at least. Yea!
    Going to get that worked on today. Thanks Joy for the advice……and SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!

  12. All CrossFit WOD’s are created to work on 3 areas…weightlifiting, cardio/endurance and gymnastics. Today’s WOD is a couplet of gymnastics and cardio. We follow the main site WOD as closely as our equipment will allow us to. This allows everyone to follow the balance of programming that Coach creates. Today’s WOD may only be 10minutes BUT tomorrows may be 40. Today’s WOD is not about how long your working but how has your speed, coordination,endurance, ect…improved? 2 years ago I could not do ANY double unders when I started Xfit. In fact the first one I ever did landed me on the sidewalk on my back. Today I did 100 in the 1st round. much improved.
    The variation in the daily WOD’s is what this is all about.
    If you want additional time working out today then add an endurance WOD or ride your bike or swim or whatever, but there is a point to the main site WODs.You are usually the one who likes to stick to them!

  13. Nice score Hicky!

  14. Wow it sure seems like people didn’t like my comment today. Sorry for insulting everyone. I understand the principles..was being facetious. Guess that doesn’t come across well on a blog.

  15. I got your tone Andy!
    Probably cuz I got your Nooner back…..why doesn’t everybody just STEP OFF or someone’s gonna get hurt.
    Note to self…..don’t ever, EVER criticize a workout…
    “Nooners are the most fun”

  16. One last thing. Brad I hope you trip and fall on your rope round 1 πŸ™‚
    Just kidding….hope you beat my 61…in fact go for Hicky’s 95!!!!!

  17. Take THAT Andy!!!
    Er’body does it in the AM and PM…only “Nooners” can slip it in at lunch!

  18. All I got to say bout anyone criticizing one of our wods is, “Lifetime is up the road!”

  19. It sure is. Its funny, how no one shows up to do the MU work outs but sure as SH&%T criticizes the heck out of someone that questions a jump rope work out. Whatever. Guess my skin isn’t thick enough for CFNF.

  20. We love ‘ya Andy. I don’t want to do this WOD, but I need to because it forces me to address one of my several weaknesses.

  21. Nice job Hicky! I have a feeling I won’t be anywhere close to you, or G-dog, or Brad, or Pebbles, or Kim, or Katie, or J.T., or Stacy, or Michael, or basically the whole flippin’ gym, hahaha.

  22. The gym will be “Open” Wednesday @11:00am- 12:30pm for anyone who wants to work on Oly lifts.

  23. Sweet.

  24. looks to me like Pistol is trying to get some Lunchers on her team by offering special classes. ironic that it’s scheduled for the first day of the challenge

  25. why would you ever make fun of a workout? no opinions allowed

  26. WOW

  27. SHHHHH! it will just make them sore for the next day!

  28. JT, we prefer to be referred to as “nooners”…….lunchers are people you find at Ryan’s or Golden Corral!
    Nooners can do it at lunch!

  29. With all this talk of nooners and doing “name of WOD),if anyone ever types “nooner” into Google lookin for a real nooner, they’re gonna come with this blog. Their gonna think crossfitters are some kinda freaky sex fitness freaks! Which may… or may not be the case.

  30. Nice job Scruffy!
    Love all the new faces in the gym!

  31. Now this is said with a smile and being very honest. In my time doing Crossfit, and I am an elder, even with my sabaticals, I have learned alot. First, if it seems like an easy workout that day….scale it up. Put a weighted vest on while jumping rope and DU’s, pull-ups, MU’s etc. As someone who has a couple of extra pounds on her from a few months ago, trust me, it makes a difference!!! Throw an extra element in like Pebbles said, run a mile before and after, swim, do 100 push ups/pull ups. I on the other hand, still have to scale down, which is the BEAUTY of Crossfit. You make the workout yours.
    Now, again, being an elder, I have also learned that while today may be an easier workout in comparison to some,Fran could be lurking tomorrow..or the Filthy Fifty or another equally evil WOD. It can’t be a beat down every day…..thank goodness.
    Oh yeah, thank you Tom for doing those extra push ups after the WOD today for the noon team!!
    Knuckles…lock ’em in!

  32. I believe I want that quote on a T-shirt
    “Nooners can do it a lunch”
    Beautiful……just beautiful.

  33. Ditto the congrats Scruffy….

  34. I think my body might be healed in time for the challenge. Bring it on! (as long as there are no DUs, rowing, running, snatches, wall balls, etc.)

  35. D D says:
    Lots and lots of smack talk today. Very entertaining. I may or may not be in this week due to work. Apologies to my a.m. peeps. Keep working hard everyone!

  36. In my two years of doing Crossfit, I have always had two advantages over Breeze. The first is and always will be that I am better looking than him and the second was that I could do more DU’s than in my sleep.
    Today my world crumbled when as we read off our first round numbers, he beat me by 20. It is a sad day in my world, but at least I still have one thing to hold over his head.
    Nice scores Breeze. Oh and Kim destroyed us both. But that is cuz this is a little person’s work out : )
    How about that for profiling!!!

  37. G-dog, don’t forget…..your nose is bigger than mine! And please no profiling at CFNF…Big Ed might get upset.

  38. Can’t believe you went there with the nose.
    Hey did your parents read this book to you as a child:

  39. Y’all crack me up.

  40. Will there be random drug and blood doping testing prior to,during, and after the challenge?

  41. i cannot wait to see the am’s video… i told them to break a leg during tonight’s filming and i halfway meant it for real πŸ™‚ kidding. their video will be oscar-worthy, i am sure of it.
    the evening classes, however, are espy-worthy. can’t wait for the smackdown wednesday.

  42. Would just like everyone to know that if the challenge would have started today, “All-Star J.T” would not have placed. So all of you PMer’s who are resting your hopes on him….. better think again! On the other hand, his little sister, Laura, kicked ass!

  43. i think jt is strategizing and conserving some energy for later in the week. the pm team isn’t all good looks and muscles, we’ve got some brains too.

  44. but laura did rock, no doubt

  45. How embarrassing is that JT? Weren’t you a DI athlete?

  46. As long as you don’t inject it, or is designed for use in livestock — it’s legal, right? This is what the vet told me.

  47. Maybe that is why his baseball career ended so early…real champions give 100% every time out, even if it is pre-season!