Labor Day classes are at 8:30am and 9:30am.


Dips:  Sam style!

HQ Rest Day.  Alt WOD:

3 Pos Snatch 3 X 3

Snatch Push Press + OHS 5 X 1 + 3

Snatch Pulls 3 X 3

All at 65% of Max


Annie:  50-40-30-20-10 

Double Unders and Sit Ups

Pebbles snatches 103! An 8lb PR! from CrossFit North Fulton on Vimeo.

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  1. Today was the PERFECT Friday workout!

  2. Crossfit garage couples thing looks like a lot of fun. We would sign up, but I’m out of commission for a while. Went to to doc yesterday about arm injury. She said no upper body for 2 weeks and gave me anti-inflammatories.
    Might be totally fixed by competition though.
    At least now I have a corroborated excuse as to why I can’t put weight over my head and can work on legs only πŸ™‚

  3. wow! I just watched Pebbles snatch 103! Now she’s going for 105! Kudos to Martine, Jpo and Joy! Big improvements on your snatch! I mean that in the best way possible too!

  4. Hey Pebbles,
    I’m planning to be there at 4:30.
    After I play with my snatch, do you mind if I do yesterday’s WOD? I reserve the right to change my mind…

  5. Hey Kim will you be there at lunch to help out? I don’t think I know what a 3 pos snatch is or what a snatch push press OHS is either..thanks.

  6. Anna,
    I don’t mind at all because it does not interfere with any of the equipment we are using today…so that works fine. You may need to run your own clock though “cause today’s WOD demands lots of instruction.
    Thanks for the props Pistol That was soooooo much fun.I have not snatched in a while and I very happy to be at a gym that is implementing it into the daily WODs. It’s an AWESOME excercise!!!
    I figure out today my pattern…
    I increase weight then pull to early then drop it
    I try it again and catch it in a swan like motion of recovery
    then third time is a charm and it goes right overhead.
    PR by 8 lbs today. Hope to get that every week πŸ˜‰

  7. Yes, I will be here at 12:30.

  8. I love how Pebbles throws the bar down and looks over at the camera like, “What now?”

  9. Can’t make the 12:30 today but looking forward to this at 4:30.

  10. Good job Pebbles!! I agree, I totally heart snatches too.
    Thanks Kim for the coaching this am. The movement is definitely starting to feel easier. Oly lifting always puts me in the best mood.

  11. Awesome Video Pebbles!!!!!

  12. Cool video Pebbles!!
    Pistol – Can you send me the link for the pull up bands?
    Thanks!! Everybody have a great day!!

  13. DD says:
    Pebbles – – That was an awesome snatch! Well done!

  14. Wow, I got a video. πŸ™‚
    Whose ready to snatch at 4:30 ??? BRING IT!!!!!!

  15. Great job lunch crew! Andy really fine tuned his catapult and rocked that shit!

  16. No-Name, if you are adventurous and cheap, you can buy pallet bands instead for like a 10th of the price.
    I got a set about a year ago. I kind of underestimated the width I’d need so I had to double up on them. I think I paid less than 10 bucks for them.
    One other thing, these aren’t designed for pull-ups obviously, so if safety bothers you, then go for the iron woody’s.

  17. I will be at the gym early if anyone wants to come get started. Should be there a little after 4.

  18. I couldn’t make it in this afternoon so I did a little WOD at home.
    * 1 mile run
    * 200 single jump ropes
    * 50 Ball Slams (20lb)
    * 50 sit ups
    * 25 burpees
    * 25 KTE
    Time for a beer!!!!!!!

  19. Thanks Miguel !!!

  20. Great job Pebbles! Your attitude is infectious.

  21. Awesome job Pebbles! Very cool!