Handstand Push Ups
Deadlift (225,165)

As of yesterday Team Jacked Stack is in the lead 39 to 29.  Can they keep it up?  If you haven't been in you need to Cowboy up and get your booty in here and help your team!

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  1. Ooh. That’s a good one. Garrett is out of town today but we plan to make it in this evening.Go Jack Stack.
    Great picture!

  2. Can I come in and do deadlift 1rm this evening if it’s not too busy? I’ve only done 3rm, and would like to know what my 1rm is.

  3. Go Jack Stack Go Jack Stack…

  4. That’s a great picture, but would be better if G-dog was standing where Shandy is!
    Jpo….way to come in and support your team yesterday!

  5. to xena’s warriors:
    we’re off to a kick ass start this morning @ 6 am.
    our neighbor barbara came for the first time + totally rocked.
    great workout pistol.
    great job balancing all of the Warrior adrenaline.
    Double D + Doc kicked major butt.
    if you’re one of xena’s warriors, get in + get on the board.
    if you’re a jack stack-off, stay home + watch your DVR’s of Oprah.
    xena’s warrior’s rule

  6. Up yours Brad!
    Don’t worry i will be in 6 days this week…cause that is what I do everyone is allowed ONE day off!
    But I am glad you noticed I was not in just shows you care! BIG HUG!

  7. Greetings Warriors! Your princess is very proud of the progress we are making against the enemy, however, more resources are proving to be necessary. Please gather all your troops together and make it to the battlefield this week. We need to be victorious!!!
    And a special thanks goes out to my battalion warlord, Nitro, you, sir, deserve a special dispensation from the princess for all of your hard work and encouragement, and I will bestow such upon you at a later date, if you know what I mean.

  8. Up your Brad!

  9. i love it when the princess is dirty.
    a special shout-out to my very good bud in Cali,
    Mike Lowe.
    mike has a killer CF gym set up in his garage.
    he checks out our CFNF site + saw the video of Xena.
    his comments about the Warrior Princess:
    “Tell Lee Ann that she is looking f*ing fantastic!!”
    so tru. so tru.
    Mike: come workout with us for a week!

  10. Great job Warriors! Team jack-me-off did ok, I guess.
    Martine, you are sooooooo much better than your husband. Spider, good job on the HSPUs. Tell Sammy I can’t wait to see him next week.

  11. whole lotta smack talk going on…. Can’t wait to get in there tonight !!!! Love dead lifts!

  12. That’s right Ed. I can kick his ass anytime. Warriors kicked butt at the 11:30!

  13. Whoa, who let Martine out of the kitchen!? Get back in there and make me a samich (zone plz).

  14. Big Ed….What you do in the privacy of your own home should not be posted on this blog.
    I have been hearing good things about my squad. Going against the Warriors is like taking lambs to the slaughter. Just keep on hammering away team Jack Stack and we will prevail. (Like I ever doubted any of you)
    Please post your scores throughout the day.

  15. Nitro
    I take exception to the Oprah shows. I watch them live and sometimes even cry. I now watch Ellen as well.
    Up Yours BEEEEERAD!!!

  16. Well, we know who’s not gettin any this week…

  17. Diane, 11:50, head to the floor HSPU

  18. Hey Shandy.. That better be hardcore in that cup!

  19. sorry whoever’s team I’m on! Not trying to slack, just a shitty week for me, schedule wise.

  20. Everyone did awesome today at the 11:30!! It was packed!! Not many Jack Stacked though….We will pull it back up tonight!!
    Christine was fun but she did a number to my back….it will be sore tomarrow!

  21. Captain of team jack-me-off, sounds like you are intimidated or just embarrassed by your team.
    By the way, I practice lots of TWO-handed exercises at home, thank you very much.

  22. Not intimidated at all Overly large Ed. Can you come by and take a picture of my crotch and stomach so I can put it on the site??????
    BTW is it just me or does it look like Shandy stuck his hand in the light socket while doing last nights WOD.

  23. LMAO

  24. 10:00 Scaled…..really scaled. HSPU are no joke. Not even close
    Michael is the real deal when it comes to dead lifts. Big props to my team member and SH pistol for her RX.

  25. Do I get first place for being the only person to do the HQ WOD? Just joking. But I did get more than bw on my 1 rep max….pretty happy with that that. Now, if I could just do it 36 times….

  26. So who placed for points today for the WODS?