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  1. Playing leap frog on Saturday was soo much fun!

  2. DD got a muscle up!!!!! Woo Hoo! Well done! That’s three new muscle ups this week so far, but still no females!!! We haven’t had a female muscle up in over a year!!!!! C’mon ladies!

  3. Hey guys! I just signed up for the Callaway Triathalon on 6th September. It’s 1k swim, 30k bike and 8k run. If you’ve ever been to Callaway Gardens you know how pretty this course is. I’ve never done a tri before but I’m really looking forward to it! Anyone want to do it with me??? It’ll be fun!
    Also, well done to DD for getting a muscle up this morning! And to Maryellen for making a 201# deadlift look easy!

  4. pressure’s on! i won’t be back til Monday but you can expect one from me then.

  5. Scruff, DD and who else?
    Way to go DD. That’s really awesome.

  6. I might be up for it. Email me the deetz(that’s details in UK English): craig.dj55@gmail.com
    Do you need a bike? You can borrow Meatball’s. Its not like she ever uses it.

  7. Congrats DD!
    Who else got their 1st MU?

  8. We are all Paleo at the Butch house. It’s like Bedrock around here. I’m living up to my cave woman name.
    Anyway, Paleo pizza last night (the one Kim posted last week). Really good. We did not expect it to taste like a NY pizza and it was good. Ryan liked it, Collin was a no go.
    This morning I made quick apple paleo pancakes. They were really good. We put chopped nuts, warm apple sauce, cinnamon and honey on as toppings. Ryan like these too. I am going to have left over for lunch.
    Dinner tonight is a rack of ribs with a dry rub and Paleo BBQ sauce and carrot-ambrosia salad. I have not even seen the cook books yet, I have found many recipes online.
    SO I am going to do this stricly for 10 days and then decide if I want to incorporate a cheat night or day into this way of eating. I would expect that if we eat with no things like sugars, salts, gluten, dairy ect…. we would feel terrible when we did eat those things.
    It is a great diet for our family. Collin can’t ever have grains or dairy (gfcf diet since age 2)and Ryan is pretty much dairy free so this works well for us.
    I am getting Nutrition certified this fall so I can’t wait to learn more.

  9. Way to go DD! Tyler also got a MU yesterday. Whos next?

  10. Nice work Tyler!

  11. lots of PR’s!! I think Miguel wins the prize with a 50 plus pound PR. 347 I think.???
    Lookin good CFNF.

  12. HUGE props to Miguel – very impressed. The Pistol threw down too… Love my gym!

  13. Wow!