CrossFit North Fulton Team Challenge Starts Today!

CrossFit North Fulton Team Challenge Captains from CrossFit North Fulton on Vimeo.

NEW SCHEDULE CHANGES!!!!!!! There are 3 classes on Monday and Wednesday evening now.



REMEMBER YOGA at 11:00 AM on Saturday is FREE with your membership.

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups

Post your choice of girls and rounds completed to comments.

Today we start the team challenge.  Get your butt in and see whose team you are on.  No matter what membership you have, this week you can come as many times as possible.  Your team gets a point every time you show up.  You'll score your team an additional 3, 2 & 1 points for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your division.

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  1. Yay Challenge! Nice work on the videos Pistol.
    I ripped my hands yesterday doing GI Janes so I am not looking forward to Cindy today. 🙁
    Hey, Is the new evening schedule effective yet?

  2. My leader has insipred me…

  3. To Xena’s Warriors:
    Note Xena’s professional and inspirational invitation to better your mind and body while still kicking that loser G-Dog’s butt.
    Note G-Dog’s sad, girly-man attempt at recess yard name calling.
    Just to warn everyone, I’ve seen Xena put high school wrestling coaches from opposing teams in a choke hold while pounding their heads against concrete gym walls.
    I’m just sayin . . . . . .
    Warriors Rule!!!!

  4. I was very inspired by the videos…G-dog speaks well and Xena looks hot…should be a good showdown..

  5. Go Team Warriors! Xena, you look great on that video. Very inspirational 🙂

  6. 8:30 was bringing it (minus mw who stopped doing pull ups 7 minutes in). Wild Thing, I just soaked my hands in Epsom salts anf that helps. Maybe you can try that.
    Way to go Trego with 14 rounds RX. Are you on my team? hope so 😉
    Simone added a round and dropped a band. WTG.
    Fred and Joy got many many rounds. I think Joy has the most so far at 15.
    I was sad not to be able to complete any more pull ups or push us but my hands hurt worse than they ever have. Yuk. I really wanted to see what my RX Cindy would be.
    Good luck tonight.
    Xena please don’t ever use any wrestling moves on me. I’m scared.I know you have first hand training and experience.

  7. Yall R SO FUNNY! Epson salt my a$$! I am a “virgin ripper”!!! Hunny was not very happy with his wife’s very unattractive hands!! The shower was not fun, very painful!! I am on my way to Dick’s to get “skirt” gloves!

  8. LOVE all the comments! Thank you Simone, you don’t look so bad yourself, girl! And more rounds on a smaller band? That is awesome! You’re my hero!
    Sorry about the hands, Pebbles, perhaps if you were one of the Warriors, they wouldn’t hurt as bad. We have magical healing powers, yknow:)

  9. I love Cindy! It was the first PU WOD that came up after I got my pull-ups. I was going to have a rest day today, but Cindy, AND a team challenge are making me rethink that.

  10. Epsoms salts works. Drys those suckers out good. Hurts like hell though.

  11. Yes, I am doing it a few times a day. It help
    s take the soreness out which is what I have so bad this time.

  12. My profile picture is now befitting of a team captain.

  13. Hey…anyone at CFNF a 9 ladies shoe size?
    I have one maybe two pair of New Balance that are two small that I have never worn. Just let me know if you want to try them.

  14. Nice pic Xena! Hey, I’ve got a song or 2 that kicks ass.

  15. Cool. Do tell. I need new songs for my CrossFit class Playlist.
    Anyone else have any songs they would like to here while Xfitting please tell me!!!!

  16. I’ll just bring in my Ipod.

  17. Dear Captain “Hot” Dog,
    Just wanted you to know that I have very little repect for you and I would have an easier time leaving my blood, sweat and tears all over CFNF if Xena were my cap’n!
    My agent will be in contact with you regarding my trade to team “Warriors.”

  18. I’m still fighting this brutal cold so I can’t make it in today. Can I still join in if I come later in the week (maybe tomorrow if I’m better)? I hate that I can’t do Cindy today…I can really wear her out.

  19. Sweet avatar, Xena! Hagler was on my ass again today! I got 20 rounds, she got 16! Go Jacked Stack!

  20. Way to go Pistol That is definitely your work out.
    HAGLER…so proud of you. WTG.16 rounds kicks A$$.

  21. Dear Mr. (I faked a back injury cuz I was getting my butt kicked every day) Trego
    I appreciate your comments and have to admit that I threw up in my mouth when you were picked for my team. Knowing that you were going to do all the WOD’s scaled made me realize that Furman would have been a better team member. I am actually suspicious that you took the time off to “enhance” your performance and I am calling for a full investigation.
    Zena I will gladly trade Mr. Trego straight up for a 40 of Old E Malt Liquor and a philly blunt….
    While I am at it. Nitro… your back. You never know when someone is going to cut your achilles while you are doing box jumps.

  22. Xena of course would approve such a trade and is eagerly awaiting Breeze’s agent’s call.

  23. First off, team Jack *ff, it’s “X”ena, not “Z”ena, k?
    Second, I think we can all agree that it is not in your or Breeze’s best interest to be on the same team, so let’s just all agree that Breeze is now a “warrior”, I have no problem with the special stipulations of the trade.
    except that, since we’re in Alpharetta not Compton, I may switch the Old E for a Cosmo, you look like a Cosmo kinda guy anyway, G-Dog
    and don’t you worry your pretty little head about Nitro, he’s a big boy, and has the protection of his princess and her warriors

  24. Pebbles – I’m a 9 – I would love to try them.
    BTW, laughing my head off at the blog today! Dying to know whose team I’m on. So far we’ve had no union strikes and I haven’t been shipped off to Boston for work, and hopefully that will remain. Will see you guys tonight.

  25. G Dog trade for Otis he would make a cute mascot unlike Breeze…up yours breeze make your way over the the warriors we never wanted you in the first place…

  26. Oh and Breeze participation does not mean you showing up for work.

  27. All I am saying Xena or Zena is…” You drew first blood”
    Your dead to me Breeze.
    JPO, you are a true team member and a true champion in my book.
    UP YOURS to all members of non Jacked Stacked team members!!!

  28. YAY! We got Otis. He is way cuter than Breeze anyway.

  29. will do Peggy

  30. Prior to posting, my intentions were to congratulate all of the participants at the 5:45 workout. However, given the Satan in a Sportsbra exclusive captain’s interviews and the posts to the blog, I am feeling hostile.
    I just hope the wall or someone’s face is not at the receiving end of my fist.

  31. OK. So everyone from team Jack Stack stay away from Michael.
    Great 1st day of camp Whup A$$ for team Jack Stack. Loved the participation today and the full classes. Every one busted it today and that is what it is all about. I think we had a ton of PR’s on this WOD. Take a look at today’s main site video. Very inspiring.
    I still hate Breeze more than anything in this world or beyond and believe in my heart that he cheated today.
    Keep up the big days everyone!!!!!!

  32. Peggalicious says

    Fun workout today! I actually like Cindy.
    Team Jack Stack rules! We are taking this thing all the way. Xena – I love ya, but this is war and there will be casualties. Breeze, even though you did yell at me today, I’ll still support you on our team. Team Jack Stack, look at Breeze this way, he’ll be there every day no matter what – think of him as a point for us. See everyone tomorrow!
    Anna – get better and work out tomorrow.
    Kami – great job on the pull ups!

  33. Woo Hoo! Great fun today! Team Jacked Stack is in the lead at 39 to 29!

  34. I did some calculations, and it is mathematically impossible for team Warriors to win after today’s blowout.
    Sorry guys, team jack stack wins on day 1.

  35. Haha nice work Miguel. I like your thinking.
    AMAZING work from everyone today (but especially those on Jacked Stack). Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.
    I think running before or after the WOD should add points too… and I’m not just saying that because I am a runner. I fraternized with the enemy tonight and I know Warriors who run pre- or post-workout as well. I’m just saying…