CrossFit Ladies White Elephant Gift Exchange is Tomorrow Night at 7:30!


Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.


So long friend! Happy and safe travels! We will miss you and will try to kick your name off the board everyday while you’re gone! (except for Murph & Michael) See you in April!
ATTN: Ladies, the White Elephant Gift Exchange is Wednesday night at Pebble’s house at 7:30pm!

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  1. Yay, I need to work on these. Is anyone going to jerk tonight? I am really sore and tight from the heavy deads so I am planning on coming to the late class. I will probably come in after Garrett.Anyone else???
    Have a geat day.

  2. jason milliron says

    My work schedule is messed up this week so I’ll be in at 11:30.

  3. Carrie CFDahlonega says

    You girls look awesome! I did the Seal Challenge this past Saturday. I had so much fun! CrossFit works! I have never swam a lap in a pool but, did a really good job. I am looking forward to the next one. Love you all….

  4. Happy Travels Hicky! Have fun out in that crazy world and be safe! I will try not to break to many of your records while you are gone….WE WILL MISS YOU!

  5. Hicky – have an awesome time and be safe! CFNF will not be the same while you’re gone!

  6. Great job to everyone at the 6am workout.

  7. Pistol, thanks for the help today on the Split Jerk. Also, your butterfly PUs are looking pretty good! Did 131 lbs and stopped there. Might stance is getting better, but I need to work more on the hips exploding.

  8. Wow, not bad for an old lady! Hicky sorry Nitro and I weren’t there to support you Saturday night, we had a 12 person crew in our house from A&E’s Paranormal States investigating ghosts!! Many stories!! But please know that the entire Snyder family, including BamBam, will miss you and will anxiously await your return to kick our butts. You should start a blog to share your experiences and pictures along the way to keep in touch with your CFNF family. Nitro had hand surgery yesterday at Piedmont and it went well. So if the patient is doing well by tomorrow night, ladies, I will try to be at the gift exchange. Thanks:)

  9. Hicky,
    I will miss you too…you know this already….however, I agree with Pistol…I will try everyday to kick you name off the board while your gone 🙂
    Hope you can make it Xena. I need to here these stories too! Tell Nitro to get well quick.
    Nice jerk Big Ed. Split jerk is not easy. I will be in later to give it a go.

  10. Great job today everybody! Go get em, Pebbles! Ed your jerks are definitely improving. P.S. Katie handed my a$$ to me on a platter again today!

  11. thanks kim! i think i was just trying to keep up with blake aka “flash.” thanks to all who cheered me on and thanks to pistol for reminding me how to breathe
    can’t wait to see all the girls tomorrow night!