Congrats to Cheri aka Gigi for running her first 5k this Thanksgiving! 

Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.  Burpee Challenge day 50.

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  1. Cool work out. Way to go Joy and Christy T.
    I did shoulder press after but did not reach my PR today which is around 103. Got 97. Bummer. I agree with Austin and Kim….you can’t drink and eat like I have been and expect to get better!
    Time to clean up the diet.
    Glad to see the Tregos back. We missed you.
    Stay Warm. Peace.

  2. Awesome pic, gigi! and congrats! Great seeing everyone this morning. Looking forward to getting back at it! did 10 of my 99 burpees that i have to do today.

  3. Way to go Gigi!!!….and you too Bill.

  4. congrats gigi! that’s awesome!