CSC_0034  Congrats GND for smoking Kelly!  Katie finished at 28:53Rx!


Back Squat

Post loads to comments.

_DSC0030 This is how happy Pistol was to complete 30 muscle ups in 11:59. 

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  1. GND rocked it yesterday! I think we need to change the name of that one to ‘Katie’.
    G-dog, it was a joy to work out with you yesterday!

  2. Love both of these pictures!

  3. I second re-naming Kelly, Katie. Way to go GND!! And good job 6 am crew, you guys are strong like bulls!!!!

  4. Peggy
    You made that miserable WOD much more pleasurable.

  5. 2 PRs for me today:
    – 211 (x5) on the back squat
    – 1:57 on the C2 for 500 meters
    I really don’t think we should change “Kelly” to Katie because I’ll be making some very vulgar comments about Katie instead of “Kelly”.

  6. i appreciate all of the above comments 🙂
    looking forward to seeing you this evening!

  7. Wow! Lots of PR’s today! Xena, 131, you’re a beast! Heather, Jpo & Hagler all got their first pull ups today! Hagler got 150 today. Meatball squated more than her bodyweight! Nadler got 118! Big E got over 200! Fred got over 200! Amy got 146! CFNF Rocks!

  8. I am so excited to finally get my name on the big charts on the wall…I was inspired by Jpo to do a pull-up after she did her first one!!! I feel strong.. Unfortunately, I can’t go back to the band so the next pull-up W.O.D. will probably kill me, but am really looking forward to it..(Can’t believe I said that..)And I actually finished a set at 160..which I can’t believe.A special thanks to my motivation: Jpo and Pistol.

  9. Yay EVERYBODY!!!!! Great Job Bringing it CFNF!!!!! You guys are very inspiring.

  10. sooo many pr’s today! congrats to all those who got a pr, either in the wod or by getting your first pull-up. you all are so awesome.

  11. Peggy and Katie, great job today (both PR’s by like 20lbs). Hagler and JPo, congrats on the 1st pull up. Kim, thanks for setting the bar high and 175 lbs is awsome.

  12. Peggalicious says

    Sarah & Katie – you guys were awesome today! Sarah got 176 and Katie 161. Steph – great job on your first back squat. I beat my old PR by 23 pounds, and lifted more than my body weight – yay!

  13. Just don’t want to leave Heather out.. She did her first pull-up today too… Congrats…We are some strong b*tches!!!

  14. Thanks for the kuoddos Pistol.

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