_DSC0040Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:

95 pound Thruster, 5 reps
95 pound Hang Powercleans, 7 reps
95 pound Sumo Deadlift High-pull, 10 reps

Post rounds completed to comments.

This Saturday at 9:30am there is a local CrossFit Challenge at CrossFit Garage in Woodstock. The cost is $10 and there will food, drinks, a babysitter and prizes included.   Check CrosFit Garage's blog for details and let me know today if you plan on attending as they need a headcount.

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  1. I LOVE this work out. I would try it heavier this time I think!
    We are off to take R-pup to pre-school. 1st day!!!!!

  2. This looks like so much fun!
    What is the women’s rx weight?
    The doctor replaced my arm with a chainsaw yesterday (ala Army of Darkness) so I might have to go lighter to balance the bar on my new appendage.

  3. I walked in today and was so impressed to see Xena did this workout RX!!!! Wow! Great Job!
    This is a tough workout!

  4. Peggalicious says

    Is my computer broken or is there actually no smack talk going on today?

  5. Awww, thanks, Meatball. It was only with the encouragement of Pistol and Peaches that I even attempted it. But, WOO-HOO! RX Bitches!!!
    And this is for you Peggy: AM RULES!!!!
    (that’s pretty lame smack talk, actually but that’s all I got, I’m tired)

  6. I’m goin for beginner, but contemplating intermediate.
    Direct link for info to Crossfit Garage’s Challenge: http://www.crossfitgarage.com/?page_id=849
    It has info as to what each division has. For the laze ones among us here’s most of the info
    5 Rounds
    400M Run
    30 Sit-Ups
    15 – 250# Deadlift (Women: 165# Deadlift)
    4 Rounds
    400M Run
    30 Sit-Ups
    15 – 185# Deadlift (Women: 105# Deadlift)
    3 Rounds
    400M Run
    20 Sit-Ups
    10 – 135# Deadlift (Women 75# Deadlift)

  7. Doesn’t make sense to divide them by skill level. I would think, by weight range would be much fairer.

  8. ok… I’m goin intermediate

  9. I’ve been trying to figure out why the “PMSers” are so far behind…i mean really, don’t they have the advantage considering they know what they have to beat every time they come in!? Just sayn!

  10. Ooooooo, PMSers! I love it! Way to trash talk, Brad!

  11. That’s not trash talk…just a fact!

  12. Hey Peg,
    Do you think we are losing based on participation? Or because we got burned by people like Michael (and possibly Ed, who works out in the PM as much as the noon)?

  13. I just keep thinking they say all the “Real Athletes” go to the PM class but again THEY ARE LOSING!! Hmmmm maybe they don’t know part of the challege is showing up!
    just a thought…

  14. I was totally impressed that Xena & Kimi went RX today! Nice job, ladies! And Anton did too! Nice job! AM was in full effect this morning…Big crowd! Nooners hit it hard too but slacked a little in attendance. Any nooners coming tonight?

  15. Confucious say: Small people can’t lift very heavy objects!

  16. I can only try. Ran this morning (5k) but stuck in office hell…end of month processing…

  17. awww crap…chill the wine….I’ll be there at 5:30!!
    Bradleymuffinpeaches, get the baby weights out for the ol’ gigi!! Pink power gloves are coming on!!

  18. Go Xena and Kimi!!! Guess that means I will be attempting RX this evening….AM AM AM AM AM nooners if you did not make it today no need to show up tonight sure class will be full!

  19. Man, that sounds like a really fun workout. Ughh, I wish I could make it… Any chance of this coming up on a rest day pistol?

  20. ahhh! i so wish i could come in tonight! i’m stuck at work meeting parents tonight though. pm’ers, step it up for me! i’ll be there tomorrow fo sho.

  21. Confucious is stupid!

  22. Agreed. I am more of a Darwin fan.

  23. MEEEEEEE! 5:30 hopefully JT shows up for an ass whoopin!!

  24. 155lbs.

  25. Love that!!!!

  26. I think we are all overdue for a CFNF gathering. Maybe we all can get together some wed/thr/fri/ night at Cans, or some other place. Everyone would be encouraged to attend, even J.T..

  27. I will be attending Saturday’s challenge. If anyone would like to carpool to the event, please let me know via email mikehawe678@gmail.com, the blog, or phone 404.216.6611.
    In response to Anna’s comments, correct me ,but have you placed in any of the workouts? Maybe you should focus your energy on placing in a workout versus running your mouth on the blog.

  28. ouch

  29. I’ve figured out the reason we havent been showing up…I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And PMers plan on finding out what that is. we are simply already satisfied with our chiseled abs and stunning features

  30. have you placed?

  31. i believe you lost tonight Kemo Sabe…again!

  32. …and meatball

  33. And, so did you!….again!

  34. I would not make such a bold statement unless I placed in a workout.
    FYI, 3rd place for Karen and tied for 1st for Hang Power Cleans.

  35. I think I may be sick.

  36. oh that’s right…Hang Power Cleans, the one day I didn’t come in

  37. hahahaha

  38. Yep, got some red marks by my name. go look.