C'mon "That Guy", you should know better than to challenge Hicky in a double under/running contest!

Run 5 K

An alt WOD will be posted in the gym.  Post time to comments.  Burpee challenge day 40. 

Attn:  Next week the schedule will change for Thanksgiving.  Wednesday classes will be 6,7,8:30 & 6pm.  Thanksgiving WOD at 9:00am, Friday:  8:30, 12:30, Saturday & Sunday will be normal schedule excluding Yoga on Saturday.

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  1. The best pic ever!

  2. Wow Austin. I never thought you would admit defeat.

  3. Gigi..beach bum says

    A – is that you bowing down to great Hickanator? How bad did she beat you?
    Keep tryin’

  4. wow…Austin being humble. Way to go Hicky. You are a supeme athlete.

  5. I figured if I was gonna try and challenge anyone it would have to be the best. After the first mile run hicky had about a 2 minute advantage on the double unders that I just could not make up. I had to throw in the towel. Now my right calf muscle feels like it is permanently locked up 🙂
    Gonna take the next three days off, my body pretty much hates me right now.
    See everyone at the 4:30 class
    who hasn’t started drinking!

  6. Austin, that was a lot of fun and you were a good sport. We can do it again once you’ve put yourself back together again… and this time I get to pick the workout! 🙂

  7. Gigi..where's my flip flops? says

    Hagler….missed you today! I’ll be there Mon at 12:30..try to make it if you can!
    Amy, nice meeting you today..great job! Spider, hope you feel did awesome for being so sick. However, if you gave it to me…I will hunt you down!!
    Pistol ~ you just make it all look easy 🙂
    Happy Friday everybody! 2 hrs, 10 minutes ’til cocktail time!!

  8. Gigi, what time r u running tomorrow?

  9. gigi – as the song goes, it’s five o clock somewhere 🙂

  10. Would someone mind posting todays Alt WOD?

  11. 5 rounds of 10 Pull ups/10 HSPU/400 m row/10 Burpees

  12. Gigi..where's my flip flops? says

    Pistol, J-po
    What time is good for you guys? Wanna meet at the gym?
    gnd…like your style, girl! still at the office though.
    countdown….54 minutes until cocktails!

  13. gigi, i have to bail on running tomorrow. I am going to workout with a client at 4! She wants me to make it challenging….:)

  14. Damn! I missed a WOD with PUs AND HSPUs. Craig, did you do a gadzillion single unders?