Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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  1. Thanks to Pistol and Breeze for showin my friends a good workout yesterday. I spoke to one of them this morning and he said he’s “beyond sore.”

  2. Xena is taking a much needed rest day, and definitely has muscle memory from the workout pictured with the Crossfit Machine otherwise known as JT. Good job!

  3. Martine, great job on the OHS today.
    David, nice job on the jerks. Remind me to show you some lower back stretches.

  4. Great job 8:30. Kim, you had an awesome 1st day. Way to Go.
    I did the Alt WOD I put up. I enjoyed it but am not 100% yet. Felt that in the second round.
    See everyone tonight.

  5. Ryan, I think you broke my hand.
    Oh yeah, don’t forget to yell “juice-box” as loud as you can when your dad is doing any type of overhead lifts.

  6. Thanks Ed. They felt really good, except for the couple I dropped. I’m still recovering from Barbara otherwise I think I would have been able to attack that WOD better.

  7. hey-
    who’s the tool in the blue shirt showing us his sweaty pit?
    Breeze, you need to keep the riff-raff @ LA Fakeness.
    however, the chick beside him is kinda hot.
    just kidding, JT.
    you rock.
    you are the man. the woman. the universe.
    i want to be you when i lose about zillion more lbs. + grow hair.
    nitro (the uno bomb)

  8. Thanks for the help Ed. Back feels ok now and I feel Strong Like Bull. Pistol- Thanks for the patience and guidance.

  9. Pebbles, thanks for the instruction on the clean and jerk. The minor adjustments made a huge difference.