Christmas Eve – No Classes

Christmas Eve

No Classes!  

The Twelve Days of Christmas official score:

Team Andy:  361

Team Bostic:  356

Awesome competition!  Congrats Team Andy!

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  1. what a flattering photo. if a zombie sleepwalker ever did crossfit, this is what she’d look like.
    congrats to diane and ed! very excited for you both. merry christmas to all!

  2. I’m almost feeling like the girl in that photo should be the team Andy MVP of this challenge…I think she did 10 or 11 days on during this challenge, and took quite a few 1st and 2nd Women RX places. We have not MVP trophy or anything to give, but maybe an extra Tequila shot?

  3. This was a very close competition with great team effort. Beth, Katie and I had to make sure Sophia didnt kick our butts. Makes me think we ought to get a team together for Regionals this year 🙂