500m row
21 Box Jumps
12 Bodyweight Deadlifts

Three rounds for time. Post time to comments.

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  1. Today’s HQ is the Total. We never post the Total as it is very time consuming and not conducive for the group environment. If you are hell bent on doing the Total (AND YOU HAVE DONE IT BEFORE) you may come in during times when we have private clients (9:30am to 11:30am) and git r done. Meatball and I will be Oly Lifting at 12:30pm today if anyone would like to join in.

  2. I really want to Total. I’ll post later with the results. Trying to break 1000, so wish me luck.

  3. i want to see the showdown between hicky and meatball on this wod. when are you guys working out?

  4. Feeling better each day. Thanx for pushing me Pistol.It REALLY helped and was just what I needed.
    14:12(or 13) Rx with 177 lbs. Definitely a PR for me.
    I was tracking a really good time(12 or 13 something) but the last set of deads I had to break up in 3 sets so it really added some time.
    Good luck on the total Allen and Campbell!!! Post it later plz.

  5. PS. Hicky knocked this one OUT OF THE PARK!!! at 10 minutes and change.Nice!!!!

  6. Great job 6 am crew! How many of us were there anyway? like 10? Wow!
    J-Po knocked those box jumps out! Thanks Kim for being mean to me to make me get over my fear. It’s what I needed:)

  7. My pleasure, Xena! Fun Mike’s Gym WOD today followed by the lovely Christine. 11:21Rx (135) for me today. Had a little Fran cough after.

  8. That’s a really good PR Pistol. Nice!!!!

  9. Nice job on the “Total” Scruff!

  10. Thanks Brad. 702 on my total. UP 11% on backsquats and Deadlifted over twice my bodyweight (347) to break a goal I set only 3 weeks ago when I did 311. Shoulder still holding me back but VERY pleased with progress. Thanks Brad and Kim!!
    Now, if I could only shrug like Meatball……I might actually be able to clean worth a sh*t and not take 25 minutes on yesterday’s WOD.