Check out todays Spread Sheet!  The Scores as of Monday Night are:  (and yes, Allen we gave you credit for your video!)

AM:111      Nooners:121       PM:80

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  1. “Nooners” rule!

  2. Funny that the person who started this whole thing is on the Afternoon Delight team…which is LOSING!!!
    just a thought!
    GND your still more than welcome on the AM team:)

  3. might take you up on that, thanks! 🙂

  4. How you like that JT…your team wants to bail on you! Loser!

  5. Question: How long before I can feel my legs again? I’m not complaining…I’m just curious.
    Thank you Sir. May I have another?!?!?!

  6. The part i’m most excited about is that the “nooners” are in the lead AND we have all the “pretty people” too!
    Anyone who considers themselves 1.) A Winner and 2.) A Looker is more than welcome to come experience what we all know…..Nooners are fun for everybody!
    See ya’ll on the podium……
    Sammy “shanghai” Nooner

  7. I started two years ago and still don’t quite have the feeling back. 🙂

  8. pssshhhh
    please, mr. shanghai surprise.
    from urban dictionary:
    Guy 1- Do you know that girls a dude?!

  9. First, I am glad you referenced such an esteemed compilation of the modern lexicon…..Urban Dictionary is the “the” reference!
    Second….Shanghai Noooner and Shanhai Surprise, although similiar in name, couldn’t be further in meaning. Kinda like duplication and duplicitous….and oh, by the way, “Dude Looks Like a Lady” is the antonym of a Shanghai Surprise…
    Nooners know how to “take advantage” of a lunch!
    Sammy “shanghai” Nooner

  10. ‘Did Katie & I do so bad that we didn’t post a time?
    And really Katie, you’re going to be just as weak as the other bailers and jump ship? JT, I’m still with you!

  11. hahahaha
    wait…i thought “dude looks like a lady” is the synonym of “shanghai surprise”…

  12. thanks Peggy…i can’t help that all of the personal training clients are at the noon workout. oh and our esteemed colleagues Big Ed and Meatball suddenly decide to switch teams.