Check out Kim’s first (actually 2nd) muscle up.

Run 5K

Post time to comments.


Alternate WOD

Christine – 3 rounds for time

500 m row
12 BW DL
21 box jumps

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  1. Anybody wanna play at 11:30? I am free if anyone wants to workout! I thought about running at Hembree Park. Anybody interested?

  2. Nice muscle up! Good job!

  3. Way to go on the MU Pistol!

  4. Way to go Kim.
    Chose the 5k today. ran it with ease…that’s never happened before. What’s going on here?
    Yo SHANDY…195# thrusters…way to go. You da man.
    Carebear…hope to see you soon.

  5. Kim. Way to go. I got to see MU #6 live this AM.
    Got a call this AM from an un named source that Shandy blasted out a 195 Thruster. My sourse said he did it with ease.

  6. Ran the 5 K with Pebbles, the stroller and Husky. Not bad running the greenway after the hills at CFNF.
    I am still as slow as molasses, but it was an awesome day to run.

  7. Hey…congratulations!