DSC_0115 Carol and Charlie Lail, 70 Years Young, Grandparents and Crossfitters!  

 Five rounds for time of:

135 pound Hang squat clean, 15 reps
30 Push-ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. Yeeeeee Haawwww! Can’t wait!

  2. Holy moly, 5 rounds? Bring it on.

  3. Great pic!

  4. They are so cute…AND work very hard!!!! Glad they are part of our family…

  5. This is quite a work out.
    Love the pic. Probably my favorite one ever.

  6. Sean CFNFT says

    That was a brutal workout! 25:34Rx
    The front squat workout I did last night didn’t help me at all. Haha

  7. That was…..ummmm…….not pleasant…I didn’t even look at my time. I feel good for having done this one even if not with the weight I wanted to.
    The Lails are definitely an inspiration.

  8. This wod wasn’t near as bad as I anticipated. 21:34Rx for me A2A, C2F (that means chest actually touches the floor!)! Caswell says he is the one who really did all the work cuz he did the wod for over 35 min., ha ha!

  9. O, I’m sorry Kim! Not everyone is a super freak. This WOD buried me. I need a lot of attention/coaching on my olympic lifts. Hope everyone is fantastic!

  10. Awesome job to Andy, Scruff and the rest of the 5:30 class!! I enjoyed watching all of you kick @ss!
    The 6:30 class kicked butt too! Thanks for trying to kill me Meatball….I appreciate it! I needed a good push!