DSC_0027 Campbell, Scruff and Hicky get ready for "The Chief"

Shoulder Press: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Alt WOD:  3 Rounds of:

800m run/ 30 Burpees/ 30 KTE

Post load/time to comments.

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  1. DD says:
    Nice job this morning Kevin! Way to crank that shoulder press at 185!
    I really, really love burpees.

  2. Got the Total in today. 250 squat, 150 shoulder press, 350 deadlift. All PR’s. 755 total which makes me a novice. Guess I gotta show up tomorrow.

  3. Big ole class at 6 am. Only girl there. The real studs were the ones that did the alt WOD. And I proudly include myself in that group with Hugh, James, DD, and my man Whit. Doc, Kevin and the Donald did the press . . . . .p*ssies!! What – you three didn’t want to do 90 burpees and 90 KTEs after running a mile and a half? Man up!

  4. Can somebody post the WOD/WODs for today? I want to see what I have to look forward to. Thanks.

  5. 155 Shoulder Press

  6. Just read all of the above posts and I bet you’ll figure it out.