Bring a Friend Free at 10:00am! Happy Birthday Peggy!!!

DSC_0094 Welcome Jacklyn to the group class!  She has finished her elements sessions and has joined the group!  Go Jacklyn!

Shoulder Press

3×5  (that's 3 reps and 5 sets)

Met Con:

4 Rounds

5 50lb db Snatch each
10 db swings
10 burpees

Post time to comments.  Oly practice at 11:00.

 Happy Birthday Peggy!!!  

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  1. Team CFNF for Georgia CrossFit Sectionals. We are going to have a team meeting Mon or Tues at lunch. Please let me know asap what day works best for you. Prepare to run sprints.
    Happy Birthday Peggy!

  2. Happy B-day Peggy!
    Either day but I have to leave by 1 to 1:15 to go pick up Collin.

  3. happy bday peggy! enjoy your birthday weekend 🙂

  4. Monday works much better for me. I have a much bigger time slot to meet and do the lunch time WOD.

  5. Happy Birthday Peggy!
    I think Tuesday will work better for me;) I can start practicing throwing water in your faces while you are sprinting!!!
    Taking off one more day..Back still sore but much much much better!!!
    Be back it it on Monday!

  6. Happy Birthday Peggy!

  7. Happy Birthday Peggy!