DSC_0035    Blake got his first muscle up yesterday! 

Five rounds for time of:
95 pound Hang Power Snatch, 15 reps
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.


As of yesterday the Devil Dogs are holding their lead at 120 to 118.   

Check out todays scores at

Team Xtreme took the lead today at 141 to 138.

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  1. Just got back from New York. We had a phenomenal time and took tons of hilarious photos!
    I see that Team Devil Dogs has a slight lead over Team Xtreme…. it’s time to fire up the competition. See you in the morning!

  2. Jets won in overtime…I am a happy girl… Hicky, you better not show the ferry boat picture… I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kirtley and Hicky in New York, fun times… Hicky plans on being in the gym tomorrow three times ; devil dogs hopefully will keep going strong till saturday.. Hicky is very competitive; Got to get her… I love Hicky and Kirtley and crossfit; thanks again for letting me be a part!~!!!

  3. Great time on Jason Austin!

  4. thanks ed.
    lookin forward to todays wod. I know pistol and pebbles are foamin at the mouth too. Those girls love there snatches.
    see everyone this afternoon!

  5. From Team Lone Wolf at the 7am class: Thanks, Kim, for your instruction and your words of encouragement. Go Team Extreme!!!!

  6. Can’t make today’s WOD. Guess I won’t get to see anyone’s snatch.
    I’ll be there tomorrow to help get Team Extreme a win!
    I wonder how many innuendos we’re gonna get here today.

  7. ps thats a nice ass on the left of that picture 🙂

  8. The snatch is a tricky, tempermental exercise best tamed with a strong “dip and drive” approach.

  9. In case you are a blog and run kind of guy, I repost here:
    That Guy, you should also have been able to read “bite me” and “go practice your kip from the floor”. Must be something wrong with your screen!

  10. Gigi..where's my flip flops? says

    Pistol…fun day…tks!
    breeze…good to see you too! 🙂
    Go Team Cougars!!

  11. That was a fun wod today! You have to be very aggressive with the snatch, yet technique is key…28:08rx thanks for working out with me Gigi. BTW, Devil Dogs we need your points! Xtreme has pulled into the lead today with participation points!

  12. 21:21 Rx This was a grip tester!

  13. Go Team Devil Dogs! What’s this abt team extreme taking the lead?
    Sorry to my Dogs today for not making it in. Went to bed to take a quick nap before the 12:30 class and I wake up after 5:30 pm. I guess after sleeping less than 3 hrs in abt 40 hrs my body had had enough.
    Still can’t believe the semi-extreme team could be in the lead. It sounds to me like the powerful left-wing machine (the same evil group that wants you to believe Elvis is dead) might be behind this anti-American fiasco.
    Go Devil Dogs!

  14. Thanks, That Guy.
    If you hadn’t called me a crybaby on the blog, I wouldn’t have gone in today. In fact, I had already texted the gym and said I was exhausted and crabby and not going to make it and gotten an excused absence. Then I saw your blog. Dang. You are so pushy.
    I might have turned in *&@#ty time, but I finished and then picked myself up off the floor and did 17 unassisted pull-ups (one at a time, but all cleared the bar).
    Thanks. I needed that.