DSC_0029 Blake and Michael practice sandbag runs for the Garage Games this weekend. 


5 Rounds for time

Run 400 meters

30 box jumps 24 inch box

30 wall balls 20 pound ball

Post time to comments.


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  1. *Note this is not good form! I was hurtin coming back down and lost control of the bag on my shoulder

  2. dude…i went to pick up the sandbag last night and it’s busted…nice…

  3. I’m gonna throw this out to everyone who ‘does’ Kelly today, may God watch over you and keep you.

  4. I was already dreading this WOD (and I was thinking it was only 3 rounds), so now I feel WAY better about it.
    So how long can an incredibly slow runner and very sucky box jumper expect this workout to take?

  5. I knew I was in trouble when Brad said this workout sucks before any of us started, and it took THIS incredibly slow runner and very sucky box jumper around 43 minutes. HOWEVER, this “little engine that could” went all five rounds! (and got told she looked 35 last night!!! so there!!!!)

  6. Xena rocked it this AM!
    Also we have Super Bowl squares. $5 per or 5 for $20. Bring in ur duckets!

  7. Well of course you look 35! Duh!
    BTW – way to be encouraging Brad! I will complete all 5 rounds – but be prepared to see me just finishing up when you guys show up tomorrow morning!
    FYI LADIES – I’m having a CAbi party at my house on March 7 – please come and bring your friends! I’ll post more info as it gets closer, and will bring some catalogs to the gyms sometime soon.

  8. On the bright side, at least we can look forward to a 7k run to kick off the Garage Games.
    If you all want to carpool to the games, let me know.