DSC_0021-2   Big Ed got 26 rounds of Cindy and then came back to the 4:30 class for Mary!  In this pic however, I think he was flirting with Fran! 


Block Run
20 Clean & Press(#135,#95)
20 Tire Flips
Farmers Walk (around bldg and back)#50,#40
Tire Drag (around bldg and back)

This is a team workout in which all members run together then pick one task.  When each member has finished her task the team may run again, then every member will pick a different task, etc.  4 rounds. The team to complete all four rounds first wins.

Burpee Challenge Day 6, buy in 15 burpees.

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  1. Tire flipping, dragging…farmer walking??? This sounds dirty. I may be too much of a girl for this.

  2. Fun workout today brought be back to the days living in farm land!

  3. Great job today everyone! Looked like a fun workout too bad it was my rest day 🙂
    See whoever isn’t too hung over at the 9 am class tomorrow!
    Go Dawgs! (since my gators have a week off)