Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

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  1. I am I the only one that thinks that Brad’s dumbo ears may pick him up and fly him away when he is running?
    This is how I picture Brad.

  2. Annie was fun today! A 2 minute pr for me. Must be the Jacked Stack cuz i ate a whole sleeve of girl scout cookies recently 🙂 pms what can i say? got 185 on back squat but wasn’t able to touch the ball. Nice job morning crew! Pebbles was on fire!

  3. Nice video of Brad.
    I can’t find a previous time on Annie. 7:25 RX. Next time 7 minutes. I messed up 3 times on the 50 DU and I can do the 50 in a row.
    Great job Pistol. Huge improvement on time.
    I did not try very hard at back squats. I have been working on form since my squat form has changed and really….they just don’t excite me. I used to love them. Don’t know what happened. So, I forced my self to do the sets. 135-155-165-175-185. I know I can do more when I get “out of my head”.
    See everyone at 4:30.
    Nice squats J.T., Fred, Mark,and Nadler at 8:30.
    It was nice to see Kim and Amanda again.