Atlanta Area CrossFit Affiliate Challenge Saturday at 9:00am. Come early to complete registration and get your shirt!


Directions to CrossFit North Fulton:

400 Northbound – exit Mansell Rd, go left (west).  Turn right on Alpharetta Highway (hwy 9).  Turn right on Hembree.  Turn right on Hembree Pkwy (across street from hospital). Turn right on Hembree Place.  Park anywhere in cul de sac except where coned off.

400 Southbound – exit Mansell Rd, go right.  Everything else is the same as above.

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  1. Yo, Todd and I want to come to Kim’s PARTY at Sugo! But I need a ride home, cuz hunny is going out after to listen to a band. Who is will volunteer?

  2. Nadler, had a little to drink tonight? I ain’t drivin no body home! I’m gettin driven home! I’ll ask around though! See you and LunaTic tomorrow.

  3. what part of town do u live in? i can prob give you a ride home.

  4. I only met my friend char once 2nite, thank you very much, KIM!!!!! But i did have zone pasta for din din!!! Ed, I live off Freemanville and B’ham Hwy about 10-15 min from the restaurant!

  5. I met Corona several times this afternoon and a very special friend, Cab. But…I’m not working out tomorrow! I’m decompressing! Long days at the gym. See ya’ll tomorrow! P.S. everyone, reservations are at 8 so let Jpo know if you are coming so we have enough seating.

  6. Nadler, no problem, just let me know if you need a ride. I plan on being there tomorrow night. That’s fairly close to where I live and I even have my new GPS unit if I get lost.
    29th B-day Kim? I thought it was your 25th, lol.

  7. Hello Everyone!
    Well not sure how many of you know but Pistol is turning 29 and we are going to go to dinner at Sugo tomorrow night..Reservations are a 8p.
    If you voted for Brad we would love for you to join us! Just let me know.

  8. I voted for Brad!! 🙂 Good luck tomorrow. I wish I was 100%, but not, so I wish the best to all of you! I am doing a day with the family instead. Happy 29th (lol) Kim! 🙂 I miss everyone!