DSC_0274  As of Yesterday Team Jacked Stack is in the lead 84 to 73!  Warriors started strong early and are keeping JS on their game.

45 Double Unders
45 Squat Cleans (135/95)
45 Ring Dips
45 Double Unders

Post time/smack talk to comments.

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  1. This is tough. I remember this one from this summer. Can’t wait. Diane left me pretty sore. It’s been a while.

  2. Yeah Jacked Stack! I’m so sorry I’ve got to leave all of you to race Stacy and Craig down snowy mountains, but I’ll be with you in spirit!

  3. PS. What an AWESOME photo. Not a band in sight. Way to go you guys!!!!

  4. Have fun on your trip Stacy, Craig and GND!!!!! We will handle things on Jack Stack without you!

  5. This one is going to take me all day!

  6. Brad,
    It pains me to see the verbal abuse that is thrown at you on yesterday’s blog from G-Dog and Team Circle Jerk.
    You know you are a warrior at heart.
    And if you were on our team, Princess Xena would not only celebrate your successes, but she would also whisper in and nibble on your earlobe while rubbing coconut butter on your little scar at the same time, tickling your ass with a feather.
    At least that’s the treatment I receive. . . . . . I’m just sayin’.
    Go Warriors!

  7. Seriously, I feel the same way Peggy. After yesterdays WOD, I am not looking forward to the squat cleans. But I’ll be in to get the Warriors a point at least. 😉

  8. Warriors:
    It is your Princess, Xena, giving a shout out to the Generals in my Army who are fighting the good fight: Morley, DD, Spider, Mark D, Michael, Martine and Big Ed. You are putting up the big numbers for your battalion and your Princess notices and approves.
    However, there are some soldiers that have been missing in action: Whit, Peaches, Hugh???? Team Warriors need you on the front lines!!
    Princess Xena realizes that today’s WOD is extremely difficult and challenging. She herself was practically in tears but the encouragement from her number one foot soldier, Nitro, who is in the trenches, even though he has a cold, and a developing bonespur and an injured wrist, helped her show those 45 squat cleans who was boss!
    So chin up Team Warrior, we may not have the numbers yet, but the week is still young and i have faith that your determination and persistence will triumph over our enemies!!!
    And for a little inspiration:

  9. “Post time/smack talk to comments.”
    That’s classic. Deserves to be on a tshirt.

  10. Great movie! I remember when it came out and all the bad press it got, didn’t help there were knife fights at the theaters.
    Xena, you are doing a great job!
    Team jack-me-off, your leader is my juice-box b****.

  11. Good Luck Jack Stack!! I know for a fact that JS will win this challange!
    Ok gotta go pack! I need like a jet pack to get me down the moutain before Katie if she is as quick on skis as she is in shoes!
    See you guys next week!!!

  12. WT, Loves Crossfit!!! She is so proud of herself for finally getting “no band” pullups. Her next CF milestone will be the rope climb, (NOT muscle ups, ring dips, or DU). I love CF and I love my trainers! I also love my 8:30 girls.
    P.S. This is my new love of CF and positive attitude “shining” through!!! Can u just feel the smile and love!
    P.S.S Any CFNF girls (no boys) that want to celebrate a late B’day party with me, this thurs nite 7PM at Ceviche. So far there are 12 peeps coming so it should be fun.
    P.S.S.S. I really love CF and the “Xena Warriors” Rock!

  13. Pistol, you kicked some major butt today at 11am. Nice work on the HQ WOD rx at 22 something.
    I have a new goal which is ring dips!!! Along with 100 DU’s ( im only at 50)and endless repeated box jumps AND to jerk 185. I am giving myself the rest of the year for this.

  14. So sad that the warriors have to get inspiration from movie trailers..maybe if they tried a little harder instead of sitting around eating popcorn and staring at the computer they might have a chance at beating Jack Stack…just saying
    Great job today Pistol!

  15. I totally wanted to scale today but I thought, No! My leader would want me to Rx so I could score us 3 points! Today was for you Capn g!

  16. This workout was harder than it looks on the board..I was 18 pounds away from rx plus my ring dips need work..I can only hold myself in place up top for a second.. I need more work on my squat cleans; but a shout out to pistol for letting me use her dwins.. really helped..77 pounds got heavy, but kim pushed me through..my time 28min and some change..Great workout, glad to get it out the way..see everyone tomorrow.

  17. Plus Pebbles said to just freakin do it!!!

  18. Sniper, great job today! Same goes to the rest of the Warriors!
    Stanley, love having my twin back in the gym with me.
    Chip, huge improvement in 5 minutes on your technique! You are on the right track.
    Pebbles, let me know when you wanna borrow/listen to my tunes.
    G-dog, where’s my juice box!?!

  19. Great day today! Good job everybody! Sniper, you gotta lotta heart! Great job on the Rx! Team Jacked Stack still in the lead 118 to 106!

  20. Yes I want to give a shout out to all who got an RX out there today no matter what team you are on! See Big Ed Crossfit is about pushing yourself not sand bagging! just saying…

  21. One hell of a night for this brutal WOD. One day when I get to be Michael’s age, I hope I can throw weight around like that. Blake and Pegalicious rocked it as well and as much as it pains me to give props to an opposing player… Sniper did OK.
    Best part of the night was watching Breeze down some Jack Stack. When he was asked if he was getting ready to work out, he just smiled finished his drink and said…nope.
    Breeze will be spending some time in rehab real soon. Just sayin
    Pistol you know I heart you!

  22. Sniper really impressed me today! I know she’s on the other team but WOW! GREAT JOB!!!

  23. Sandbagging? Do the math. If you look at Blake/Michael’s weight and using 135 lbs., you will find I pulled the same ratio (if not more). I’ll be more than than happy to do bwt. cleans as long as every guy also does bwt. cleans. Let’s do this WOD again tomorrow using bwt. for the cleans. I’ll even let you pick which guy you want to go against me from your team. The winner gets 10 pts. for his team, while the loser has 10 pts. taken away from his team.
    What do you guys think?

  24. G-Dog,
    Thank you for the compliments. As always, it is a more of an honor than a pleasure to work out with you and Blake. You all push me to work harder.
    Just going to throw this out there but maybe the team competition should become a monthly or biweekly deal. This past week has been a blast.
    I am hoping for either a buddy workout or another variation to CrossFit Hold Em.

  25. Ed, that statement was based on ability not bodyweight, which essentially is an ass backwards compliment to you. Not all workouts are fair to everyone, just imagine having to pull up Garrett’s bodyweight in comparison to your own yet he doesn’t get to scale based on that.

  26. No prob, let’s make it all bwt or same ratio. I know exactly what you mean on ability, like Garrett doing non-stop DUs to my series of 3-4 DUs at a time. Killed my time and breathing. Garrett can do 50-60 non-stop to my 9-10. Does that mean I should only have to do 10 DUs to his 45? After all, my ability is maybe 10 DUs on a good day. Sounds fair to me since we are talking about ability.
    Hey aren’t there weight classes In lifting competitions.
    Anyway, love u all (except Gdog).

  27. thanks for the congrats on the Rx. It was pretty sad when I got to ring dips. I really need to work on them but Thanks for all the support.
    Ed, i will bring your pacifier this evening . . . quit complaining.