Up Close and Personal from CrossFit North Fulton on Vimeo.

As of today the score is 65-63 Pimps. Both teams had equal participants but the Vice Squad racked up the points today.  Check out the spreadsheet

Tuesday WOD will be pulled from the Hopper Deck at 6:00am.

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  1. i just feel bad for that KJ girl – it’s bad enough to be tattooed on someone’s arm, but then she’s not even first-string or sloppy seconds, more like the filthy fifth.

    Since I’ve had time to stop laughing and pissing my pants, let’s set the record straight:
    The initials tatooed on my right arm are from my first month of Freshman year. I gave up counting after pictures of my tats were spread on Facebook
    Villanova played Florida State in football in 1957! Florida State lost 7-21! Look it up and back the f*ck off! hahaha. That’s when football was tough too.
    To note, VU also played UGA in football in 1953! UGA won narrowly, but you can’t say shit until at least a best out-of-three series is completed.
    Where did you get that double? My nose is not 7 inches
    The funny thing is, is that I actually asked Brad if we were benching that weight today.

  3. I’m still giggling. I have been laughing ALL Day. This is REALLY why we do the challenges. FOR THE VIDEOS. Nice work Pistol on editing.
    Breeze and G-dog just remember…….what goes around comes around.

  4. Garrett is a freaking genius. Blake glad you’re a good sport.

  5. That was brilliant!! Please tell me those trophies are going to be up all week! Now that I am done laughing my a$$ off, I am going to get some sleep to prepare for tomorrow 😉
    I can’t tell you how much I agree with GND right now…I love this gym.

  6. That is the funniest s*** I’ve seen in a long time!

  7. andyreckles@aol.com says

    dude that was some funny funny stuff. I spit out my coffee when you pushed the dog away…

  8. Absolutely hysterical!

  9. Hey don’t forget to thank the intern for expert videography.

  10. SO FUNNY! G-dog, that was an Oscar-worthy performance.
    “3 years!” hahahahaha

  11. I just want to say I am so proud these boys learned the art of dress up on Spring break! Blake time for paybacks! G-dog loved the glasses you looked hot! Brad I sent you interview to ESPN…

  12. Glad to see everyone enjoyed the video. Breeze and I worked hard to make everything as real as possible.
    Thanks to Stacy for the cinematography and for Pebbles and Ryan’s support throughout the 5 day shoot.
    Looking forward to some payback Blake. Bring it! Enjoy the trophies.

  13. I am sitting at my desk laughing my butt off and everyone thinks I’m crazy! G-dog, I hope you apologized to Max for being so rude to him.
    I was talking to my friend who works out at CF Woodstock, and they don’t sound even remotely as fun as our gym!
    Go Vice Squad!

  14. First, way to go 6am crew for big pimpin’!!!! Out of the six participants, five of us were pimps! Hittin’ the streets for our girl, Martine!
    Second, absolutely LOVED the entertainment from Breeze and “Blake”. If only they both had been shirtless, then I think ALL the women of CFNF, whether we are ‘old’ or not, would show up on a much more regular basis.
    Signed, old but not dead, Xena

  15. Wait a second. Are you saying that wasn’t really Blake?

  16. Tough one on the shoulders today.
    Go Vice!

  17. Anyone wanna share what the secret WOD is?
    Do we know the date of the next affiliate challenge?

  18. Oscar worthy material there boys!

  19. peggy, is this challenge just not enough for you?

  20. No! I must keep challenging!
    Actually, I want to know how long I have to get my booty in shape!

  21. Totally agree…push press got hard today.

  22. Peggy, your probably on your way by now BUT
    40 PP 65/45
    30 squats
    20 ring dips
    10 DU
    3 ROUNDS

  23. Alright Vice Squad it is still close we need EVERYONE to show up if we are going to do what we said we were and slap The Pimps around and WIN. I need full participation…I don’t care if your sick or hurt or even busy. A female on the other team went to the games and did all workouts on one leg we should have all learned something from her..IF YOU WANT TO WIN YOU MUST TRY!!!!
    Show some heart People!!
    GND thanks for your help tonight on those last 10 PP

  24. I almost forgot…Heeyyyyyyyyyyyyy Pimps…suck it!
    Brad up yours!

  25. thanks to everyone who cheered me on through 60 painfully slow (rx’ed) dips tonight. i appreciate you guys delaying dinner, etc to watch me stand around by the rings forever.
    well done to everyone who did this wod! it was tough and i’m amazed that most of the rx guys took half my time. jpo, your pp looked wonderful 🙂
    vice squad is ONE POINT BEHIND right now! so we need your help. tomorrow’s hq wod is 4 rounds – run 400, 50 squats. too easy. all you have to do is show up and we get points. rule #76: no excuses, play like a champion.

  26. false alarm. we are FOUR POINTS BEHIND (107-103). maybe i should be a pimp with poor math skills too.

  27. I think the Pimps are cheating again. We should only be THREE POINTS BEHIND since my participation was not counted on the spreadsheet.
    Come on Brad, I know my ring dips were bad today but I should at least get counted for showing up.

  28. Only 1/2 of Vice has shown up this week. To those people with no participation points next to your name… there’s a lot of smack talk coming from the pimps about you. Honestly I can’t defend you if they’re right. Unless if your out of town, or really sick, get your asses into the gym now people.
    To the other half of the team that’s keeping the pimps on the run; you guys are studs and hotties! Today we took 2 places in Men’s RX/Men’s Scaled/Women’s Scaled, and Katie busted out the gym’s only women’s RX today! Y’all made me proud today!
    Let’s shut the pimps down, we’re the better team.

  29. Better my team, my ass.
    It’s ok Vice Squad, I know you all that are staying home are just scared, lazy, or both.

  30. Or better yet, the absent Vice Squad members are at the globogyms and have probably decided to trade push presses and ring dips in for some light stair master work and some bitchin’ dumbell curls that whale on their biceps.

  31. Awwww…damn, you had to bring up the pimps math skills. Burn.

  32. Great job to Katie today! Even though it took her 1 hour and 34 minutes, she was the only girl who even did the WOD today Rx’d.
    Listen up Vice team! No more flippin excuses on not showing up! Get ur ass in the gym and participate. I gave up my individual training (strength bias) for the team. But it would be really nice if the team actually showed up. This is a TEAM Challenge, that means u need to suck it up and get ur ass to the gym! Don’t worry if u are sick, not feeling well or whatever flippin lame excuse u have. It’s about showing up. It’s great we have athletes like Blake and Katie on our team getting those extra points for us, but participation is THE key! Either show up the rest of the week, or let’s just give up. Think about it, you do Crossfit because you know these hard WODs work! But they don’t work if if you can’t get you lazy ass to the gym. The athletes we have on Team Vice are better than this! Let’s show some “intestinal fortitude” these last 4 days!
    Suck it up, get to the gym, and compete.
    – Ed –

  33. Done! Sorry Scruffy…One point added to Vice
    New totals: Pimps 107 Vice 104

  34. Considering the Pimps have won the bonus pts 3 out of the 4 days so far clearly demonstrates who the better team captain is. Way to rally the troops Martine!

  35. That last post was from me….stay off my frieking computer Pistol!

  36. I have to echo the rest of my teammates – if you’re on the Vice Squad, get your freaking butt into the gym and get us some points!
    On a side note – Katie was a flipping beast tonight! She suffered thru all 60 ring dips to be the only female to go RX! GND – you’re the bomb!
    Go Vice Squad!