_DSC0036_edited-1  Anniversary Challenge 1st Place Winners, Spider & Xena

30 Muscle-ups for time

Post time to comments.  Alt WOD:  Kelly

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  1. way to go Xena!!!!!

  2. yay Xena and Spidey.
    As far at the WOD’s….yuk and yuk.

  3. thanks y’all!:)
    thanks too, kim, for your encouraging words this morning,
    glad i didn’t take don’s advice when i walked in the door for the 7am class and he was walking out from the 6am class (with two people still finishing inside) and said, “just turn around and go home”,
    it is a long one, but rewarding, seriously good job, robin, doc and don, the earlier it is, the harder it feels to be out there in the dark and cold running those hills,

  4. I think Kelly is the most brutal WOD that I’ve encountered so far (in my 3 months of crossfit, so what do I know?). Everyone who finishes this one deserves a trophy — or at least go buy yourself something pretty!

  5. Great job morning crew! Pebbles was on fire! Trego got a big fat Rx by her name! Kelly is a biacchh! I’m glad I did it yesterday.

  6. I did kelly last night at the gym at work. This thing ambushed me! I was expecting the usual 20-25 minute workout -I think I finished it in the 40 min range. (Sub’d thursters as we have no med balls)
    120 pu+dips if you can’t do an mu is no cake walk either. This will be fun 🙂

  7. What’s Kelly work-out??

  8. “Kelly”
    Five rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    30 Box jump, 24 inch box
    30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

  9. Never done “Kelly”, but it looks like it sucks ass. Craig, are you gonna do the 30 MUs for time or something else?

  10. You guys def need to get some pics for your posts!

  11. Pistol, great time on “Kelly”! This WOD kicked my ass today. Brad, u r looking better every day. Katie, my money is on you for having the best time on “Kelly” today.

  12. Woo Hoo! 30 Muscle Ups for time 11:59rx! Great job lunch crew!

  13. I’m doing Kelly… shh don’t tell my wife. The 30MUs I did last week were killer!

  14. Pistol that is awesome on 30 muscle ups! Thanks for the vote of confidence, Big E! I think tonight I could either kill Kelly or she could kill me – there will be no middle ground.
    See you all at 5:15 tonight.

  15. Great Rx on the MUs Pistol, make sure you rag on Breeze for that one. I believe his time was 12:25

  16. Great job Pistol!!!! You killed it today… someday I am going to be famous like you!!! Also I see you picture on the post..
    Xena I forgot your email at home to send you the link!
    GND you got this one I hope to see your name up on the board as the fastest girl tomorrow!

  17. Great job Pistol…on the MU’s and Kelly. Probably have best time on both.
    See ya tomorrow

  18. Just wanted to see if I got this picture thing to work!

  19. Thanks for pushing me to Rx this one. I’m more cross than fit tonight but it’s good in the end 🙂
    Pebbles rocked it out!

  20. Hey! Look at Jpo! Great job kickin everybody’s butt, GND! I would say I’m comin for you on this one but I’m not! Well done!

  21. I think the kelly got the best of all of us today….congratulations to everyone you finished this one!

  22. Katie, you are a f*****g beast! Thanks for making me look like like a sissy boy.

  23. thanks everyone. i think this workout just really plays up my strengths. it wasn’t easy though, that’s for sure. great job to everyone today, especially stephanie! and congrats to breeze and pistol on the mu’s!