_DSC0020 "Angie"

100 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Squats

Complete all pull ups before moving to push ups, etc.  Post time to comments.

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  1. Man! No picture to comment on this morning???? Somebody’s slackin’!!! Pistol, you need to start drinking again!!!

  2. It’s there….you don’t see it NND??? maybe you should stop drinkin!

  3. Now I see it! The pink elephants were in the way! I think I need another tequila shot this morning!!

  4. Dang…why this one TODAY?? I’m trying to get there today for the nooner. hehehehe

  5. Looking strong there Sammy.

  6. Nice jerk Sammmeeeee!

  7. Gigi trust me this is soo much better than what is on the main site…things to be grateful for!!!!

  8. I love “Babs”. But it has been too long since I’ve done Angie.

  9. Oh yeah, nice pic Sammy!

  10. I’m sorry that I missed this WOD! Darn! I was soooo looking forward to my arms burning and the numbness in my legs!! Maybe I can do it twice tomorrow!!