_DSC0042And, the winner for the best 300 Costume is…..Hicky!


5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Post time to comments.

ATTN:  The next CrossFit Affiliate Challenge is August 1st at the Cobb Galleria.  Click on the link on the left for more info.

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  1. Will whoever has the karaoke remote control please bring it to the gym?

  2. It’s not me…I only steel iPods 🙂
    Quite a work out. i really like this now that it’s over. I had a great work out with Hicky. I like this couplet. It is one of my better exercises (OHS) with one of my NOT better (runs). So I think I had an average time although my running is getting better.
    23 something Rx.
    I heart OHS!
    Way to fight through the OHS Hicky.
    Best of luck everyone. The running was tough after the leg burn form OHS.

  3. PS. THANKS Brad for the help this am. I know you will crush this WOD today.

  4. Hey, with Blake gone I will be looking for a stud to listen to ABBA with me before the WODs (damn, that really sounds gay). Qualified applicants should love ABBA, the movie “Mamma Mia” (and The Carpenters and Elvis) and be a flippin’ good athlete and hate un-American commie bastards. Feel free to contact me anytime. Also, I’m putting together some pretty good playlists on my iPod that will get everyone motivated.

  5. i think this goes to show blake is irreplaceable.
    looking forward to your new playlists though!

  6. ABBA, and The Carpenters are way to heavy for me.
    I prefer soft rock / easy listening music like Michael Bolton, or Kenny G. Mamma Mia is OK but it doesn’t hold a candle, to Titanic and The Body Guard, staring Whitney Houston (Even though I find her music a little too loud/heavy for my tastes).

  7. I was leading Pistol through 4 rounds and then she passed me on the last one. 20 something…well done wife!

  8. Okay guys, someone has to be interested. Kinda worried nobody has stepped up to the challenge. This a very manly undertaking and will give you pride and confidence.

  9. 25:02 rx. Any five-rounder is difficult, but I didn’t think Nancy would be all that bad. What made it hard is the heat and the hill. And the running and overhead squatting.

  10. hahaha!

  11. You woulda beat me if that curb hadn’t jumped out in front of you!

  12. FYI all, Saturday’s workouts will be held at Wills Park behind the Community Center. Enter community center on Maxwell and Rucker Rd. The workouts will be at 9:00am and 10:00am. Bring a friend!

  13. Hey G-dog, don’t bother coming in today….I already put an infinity sign next to your name on the board!

  14. Damn it! I think you beat me! what did i get?

  15. Hey Breeze. How about Up Yours.
    I heart you Pistol

  16. Really when does this start?

  17. Just this coming Saturday. There will be no 8:00am class and no Yoga.

  18. i was actually gunning for pebbles’ time, but that didn’t happen. i fell on my butt once and dropped the bar on my head another time, slowing me down. buuut, hicky i did just barely beat you, by less than a minute – you were in the late 25’s, i think.

  19. OK, I guess I’m gonna have to drop the requirement of being a flippin’ good athlete. So Breeze, please feel free to apply.

  20. Hey lil’ Ed, how come you didn’t show up for OHS today!?

  21. Is the community center where the pool is or the basketball courts?

  22. it’s my sunday, i’ll do it tomorrow if you want me to