DSC_0014 Alice does exist!!!!  She cleverly avoids the CFNF paparazzi by coming to the 7am class!

Back Squat

3 sets X 5 reps!  Sorry for the confusion!

Met Con:  5 Rounds for time:

3 Reps Ground to Overhead 155/110
5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
7 Walking Lunges each leg


5 muscle up attempts

or dip ladder


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  1. Team CFNF: 12:00 today at the box!

  2. is that 5 sets of 3 or 3 sets of 5? how many rounds is the met con? i think i am going to have to do this wod in a Golds Gym – i know, i am going to hell

  3. 3 sets of 5….5 rounds. Good luck…post ur weight.

  4. I’m confused. Is this today’s wod or is this yesterday’s? Today is the 22nd.

  5. today’s

  6. Fun wod.
    BS 175 x 5. was pretty easy so will be ready to go up next week.
    use 111 on C and J. Used skinny purple band on CTB pull ups and probably should have done with out it.
    Nice start to the week.
    If some of you are feeling a little “beat up” I feel sure you will feel better and get used to to it after this week. Since we all CrossFit so much we adjust pretty quickly.I have Needed a little more rest lately too.
    have a great week and great job 8:30 ladies!

  7. I put a “day” header on the post, Amy, BUT….had you been here for Spa day you would have known!!!!

  8. Really enjoyed today’s class! Thanks CF