5 Rounds for time:
20 ball slams (20/14)
20 push press (45/33)
20 squats
20 db swings (35/20)

WOD courtesy of Mike Burgener. 

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  1. Yay Jason and Don!

  2. That was a really fun WOD. thanks Pebbles for finding that for us! Kudos to Breeze who came in right over 16min 3 months after having back surgery! Hagler & Nadler were right on his tail!

  3. That was fun…thanks pistol for the friendly text message to remind me to get my butt in there… Breeze, great job but now I really want to beat you… next time…

  4. Fun workout!!!
    Kamilah, Snipe and Hoss great job! Breeze so close to the goal time.. maybe next time around! I knew resting on those Push press was going to cost me!
    Little Hagler great job today!!!!

  5. Heard in was nutty in there tonight, sounds fun.
    Way to go G-dog on 12 min. time.

  6. G-dog skipped a round! Fun night at CFNF…way to go Peggy and Miguel on smokn’ the 400m run! It has been fun watching everyones performance getting better.

  7. Jpo…the zone is really working for you! You are doing awesome!

  8. great job to all at the 6:00 class! i love all the new faces in there 🙂
    pistol, well done – you kicked my butt today but i’m coming after you, don’t you worry.
    to anyone who’s interested, a group of us are going to rusans tomorrow (the one on hwy 9) around 8. it’s the brand new one in the same shopping center at the new super target.

  9. As always Breeze, thanks for the props. Nice to see the big crowd tonight. Impressive bunch.
    Breeze hope you pull a hammy tomorrow!!!

  10. Thanks JPo…that was a tough one for me…not that they all aren’t…those heavy endurance with “light” weight and crap loads of reps really get me…you guys showed me up. The good thing, I have something to strive for. Shut up Breeze, no smart *ss comments from you. I know how badly you want to.