3 rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
21 Burpees
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.  Team Jacked Stack is in the lead by two points!  Don't forget though that a 5 point bonus will be awarded to the team with the most participation!  Get in this morning and support your team!

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  1. the burpee offer from Stacy and me still stands (see last night’s post). we want to see a win for jacked stack!
    congrats to everyone who made a fran pr! i was amazed to read about all of them! you people are incredible. miss you all, see you tuesday!

  2. That is an awesome picture! It reminds me of what Crossfit is all about.
    Are those new plates by the way?

  3. I think the warriors might have won the challenge so congrats and thanks Pistol and Breeze for a fun week! Can’t wait for the next one! Gdog you are still my hero and will always be my captain!

  4. That was a fun week. I really need to push myself like that everyday. I think everyone learned something this week. I saw some incredible performances. Congrats to all!!!!
    Why yes Miguel…those are new plates. 5K and hard as a rock. Pretty cool. Kim and Brad get us the best stuff!!!

  5. Congratulations Xena and her Warriors! What a great week! I have enjoyed the competition! Warriors, you rocked it this week! I need to get all of you together at some point to take your picture so we can hang it on our wall!

  6. What an awesome week!! Congratulations really should go out to everyone who came out and worked their butts off. It’s important to note that Warriors prevailed on participation points alone. Jack Stacked had 20+ more points than us on placers, but because of all of our participation points (i.e., bodies walking thru the door) the bonus was ours. And that’s what it’s all about, is every single one of us coming out to put our name up on the board. This battle was so much fun that we forgot about the added bonus of our fitness quotient and how much better we all got in our times, our weights, our forms. Thanks to Breeze and Pistol for putting this all together and motivating us all to come in, work out and get better. Every single one of you inspires me and I am honored to be a part of CFNF!! Warriors RULE!!! I heart you G-Dog.

  7. I would like to note that while we were working out in this picture, Spider was sitting at the desk eating a pig in a blanket and drinking a beer! Talk about motivation!

  8. Yes, I would also add that I don’t recommend doing Fran then having a beer with Spidey 😮

  9. I would like to note that they were ALL sitting drinking a beer why i was trying to finish this workout:)

  10. There is no motivation better while you are in the middle of Fran than Spider sittn there with a cold beer!
    Congratulations Warriors! That was a comeback for the ages! Can’t wait to see yall on sportscenter tomorrow! Xena…you were an awesome Captain…Nitro…you make a hot co-captain! G-dog…up yours!

  11. Xena, great job Warrior Queen!
    I must admit, I’m truly impressed with the tenacity of my team, way to come from behind. Wasn’t it around 10 pts. that we were behind after the FIRST day?
    Sissy-boy (Garrett), where’s my juice-box?
    I’ve got to give cred to the girls of Team Jack-something, you girls kicked ass every day!

  12. Congratulations to the Warriors. I am proud of the effort, intensity, and encouragement displayed by my teammates.
    Look forward to another awesome week at the gym.

  13. Nice little work out crew there at 12:30. The work out was a little harder than I thought. I think I am dragging a bit but am sure I will be back in the game tomorrow.
    Happy Anniversary Brad and Kim. You are perfect together!!!!!!