21-18-15-12-9-6 and 3 rep rounds of:

Power clean 95 pounds
Back extensions

Post time to comments.

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  1. Who do I admire the most at our gym? Whit and Xena. They have so much heart and drive!
    Campbell, I did this 10:43 Rx using the same bars that you used in the WOD. Can’t believe I got sub-13 min, I broke up my PCs a lot.

  2. I liked this WOD. Right before hand I threatened to kick Hicky’s ass. Then as we started I was terrified that I wouldn’t. ALL OUT EFFORT. 10 something RX.We did super man’s instead of Good Morning. Makes for a hugely tight back.
    Fun WOD.
    see you 6am tomorrow. I am thinking FRAN!

  3. Fun WOD! Meatball dominated with 8 min and change. Katie and I are licking our wounds! Nice job!

  4. Good job Ed! That’s impressive. Just tells me I’ve got to keep working

  5. Yeah bitches! Lol…..We had a fast class! I love working out with you ladies!

  6. Hey Y’all, check this out; A neat story about a crossfiter fending off an attacker.

  7. About an hour after I left I realized that I did this WOD with 105lbs..not 95..duhh..maybe that’s why I dragged A$$ so much.