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Thruster (95,65)
Toe to bar

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  1. This as always was hard for me today Thruster just not my thing but I managed to get through it! Great 6a class! Peaches nice to see you this am!
    Everyone have a good day!
    And let me know if you are interested in the networking thing!

  2. Can gigi come play? May have to major sub on the toes to bar thing…not sure if the hip will want to play along. we’ll see though. i’ve missed you guys!!
    Jpo…i’m in on the networking thing if I’m in town.

  3. Wow … tough! Good one Brad. Thanks Pistol for pushing me to do men’s weight.
    Great work out….I needed that!

  4. Ouch, looks like a ”pukie” WOD.

  5. It is tougher than it looks fo sho! I wish I could do T2B like you! I was slow but my form was stricter/better so I was happy with them. I got maybe 5 at a time then 3 and 2 at the end.

  6. Great job Pebs with the mens weight!

  7. You did 95# thrusters and LIKED it! CRAZY! Good job! I struggled enough with the 65#.
    Peaches is going to kill Fran next time it comes up! Well done 6am-ers

  8. Great job Pebbles!

  9. Huge 12:30 class! I appreciate everyone’s patience with me finishing my WOD.
    I stayed to time Kim and Brad to watch them crush this WOD. Kim did the men’s weight and with the exception of her hubby and Biscuit, crushed everyone!

  10. No worries Big Ed – great job on Linda! Awesome WOD Breeze – tough one. Good seeing everyone – especially Gigi!

  11. Pistol always kills it….no doubt…I can only dream…..Did LOVE the big lunch crowd and seeing a new face..Matt..another matt…Scruffy, hope your shoulder heals up quick…always enjoy working out with the caliber of athletes in the 12:30 class…really helps me step up my game….My time 14:32rx…Biscuit…where did she come from??? 11:30rx…great job. Couldn’t imagine thrusters with men weight…nicely done..Jpo…I miss you too. Anyone who wants to network over a beer, I bartend Monday, tuesday, and Wednesday nights…at Stoney River…I will reserve a stool for you. Great workout today…thank you Kim and Brad for what you do..

  12. was happy to see Gigi too….:)

  13. Great WOD, Breeze! I heart thrusters too, Pebs! I also did men’s weight (just for fun!) time was 13:17, I’m finally starting to feel stronger in my WODs since switching to Paleo. Took 4 weeks. Breeze smoked that wod too in 11 and change.
    Awesome energy in the gym in all classes! Keep it coming!
    GREAT to see Gigi!

  14. That’s ridiculous. Great job!

  15. Kimmy Girl!! that’s awesome…..beat Andy, Michael and I!!
    Like the workout Breeze! Looks like you wrote it with someone in mind!

  16. Gigi..where's my flip flops? says

    Great fun to see everyone today! Sammy, Spider, big Ed. And the new faces too! Hagler…you’ve turned into a Rx beast while I’ve been away!! You look FABULOUS too! 🙂 Thx Breeze and Pistol for the major mods. I’ll get’r back…well, everything but the burpees…hehehehe
    See y’all tomorrow… 11:30
    Knuckles…lock ’em in!

  17. Good workout. Great 11:30/12:30 group. Incredible instructors.
    Shoulder appears fine- still icing but feels OK. Sorry for the profanity. Not apologizing for the grunting, tho.
    Poker game at my house in Alpharetta (McGinnis Ferry/141 area) tomorrow night if anyone is interested. Low-mid stakes, limited dealers choice(hold em, Omaha, stud plus 1-2 others). Email me at tdavidsmith@hotmail.com for directions and to let me know you want in.

  18. My wife is a beast! I was a little worried before the
    WOD cause if she beat me with the same weight I would never hear the end of it!
    Yall keep bringing it…I want to knock that wall down!

  19. Can I help???

  20. Great to have you back “G…to the…G”
    The gym’s always lighter with you there.

  21. It was nice seeing Martine and Gigi back in the gym today. Feels like we got the ”old crew” back.

  22. fun workout! can’t believe kim and pebbles did the men’s weight, ridic. i just want to say the evening class had a pow wow and we are ready to bring our A game if/when there is a time-of-day-you-workout challenge. am vs lunch vs pm. i’ve dabbled in all three but i’ve got to support the evening crowd here. if nothing else, i think we are the best looking group 🙂

  23. Wooowch! GND that hurts……there were some fine young hotties with tight little bodies in the noon class today!
    It is officially “on”

  24. sammy! no hard feelings! i mean it’s still “on” for sure, but i will admit, the lunch crowd is easy on the eyes as well. and the 6 am-ers are getting prettier with each new convert… i gotta admit we miss pebbles, jpo, and peaches at night.

  25. Way to go Pebbles!!!

  26. Thanks Sammy… that means a lot! GND-bring it.

  27. BTW, are Sour Patch Kids part of the Paleo diet?

  28. Hey, i’m with the pm crowd. Besides, i’m know i’m pretty on the eyes as well – just ask Brad.

  29. Blake says ”hi” to everyone!

  30. he also says he misses working out with abba and big ed

  31. Miguel says that if my sour patch kids you mean real children, then probably.

  32. Hope you are including Holly,Gigi, myself and Pistol with that comment since we were the ONLY women there……Other than that…think the lunch crew is pretty tough.and HOT…..sounds like we NEED a challenge…