Pull Ups
SDHP (95,65), Burpees

Post time to comments.

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  1. Alright!

  2. The CrossFit Games Southeast qualifying website is now updated.

  3. Awesome pull ups Christy Trego. Your getting really good at those!
    Good job. 8:30. Nice to see you Fred.

  4. Thanx yall, now I gotta deal with Meatball’s moanin and groanin about her blisters all day.
    Metball’s hands look like cheeseburger. Ha I crack myself up. Ok, back to work.

  5. Austin McLean says

    Stacy earned a top spot in my “Bad Asses” book today.
    Great job trying to gut it out in the end. You are one tough chick.

  6. Thanks Austin! It seems so silly….It was only one pull-up!
    Shut-up, Craig! I’ve listened to complaining about your ripped hands for the past two months!!

  7. Stacy – email me at peggy.hellen@att.com and I’ll send you the article on how to make those tape grips so you don’t completely mutilate your hands next time.

  8. Meatball, you have alotta heart! You have definitely redeemed yourself! Nice pull ups Trego and Pebbles! Jpo’s performance has skyrocketed since she started zoning. She finished in 20 and change.

  9. WTG Jpo. I’m proud of ya.
    Peggy can you e-mail me that article at christy@maximumpotentialkids.com.
    I am bleeding again today. So pissed!!!!Did not finish the WOD this am.

  10. Peggy is right, I use those tape grips too. They help out a lot.

  11. Thanks Girls for the props! It is amazing how much better one feels when they are not eating junk all day:)

  12. My kids love the kids class…Thanks Kim for helping them …They absolutely loved it…And are eager for thursday..

  13. Also…the workout today was fun, I really liked it..My pull-ups are still on the red band, and I am sure towards the end; almost questionable .. They need work, i need that tape trick too..Could someone pass the information along…. Thanks.. They definitely are a challenge for me. My SDHP were RX and the burpees, but THOSE pull-ups. I had fun working with Pistol, Jpo, and Tom. Thanks for encouraging words.. feels GOOD to be back..